coming soon
Thursday, February 11, 2010, 12:10 AM
i will be updating:
-2010 new year celebration
-sister's sweet 16th birthday
-visitation to gua musang, kelantan
-more more more

stay tune

sherlyn pang ting huan
Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 11:34 PM
sherlyn pang ting huan.

i have not met her for ages. although 3 months, i miss her a lot! let's recall.

on the first day of college, it was orientation day. standing in front of me, it was a girl in mini skirt, having long fair legs and heavy makeup. she attracted me. she's tall and skinny.

she gave me the first impession of the cool look. i love that as i love to be cool too. not really, but i'm being claimed for having the cool look. haha. so, i knew her through my friend as she was in his class for enl 101.

as time passed, she hung out with me all the time. breakfast, lunch, break or anytime duing college hours, we were always together. i really do miss those times. there were so many that we had undergone together.

carrying her likea baby in mac D while she was holding 2 sundae ice cream, took off her shoe and placed it on the tray of mac D, tickle her feet, carried and landed her on a plant, smack her always, made her broke down by closing her up in a dark room, chasing each other in sunway pyramid and many more.

there are too numerous for me to elaborate. although we just met up for 9 months, we had underdgone a lot. i bullied her a lot, but i guess she enjoyed too? we're really jokers for having laughters all the time.

sherlyn pang ting huan, can you hear me? i miss you! you better come to kl and visit me! or elsei'll treat you banna! haha.

i editted 2 pictres for her as she requested.

she claimed that it's too bright but i couldnt help much

she likes this lots, so do i, and thus it is her profile picture currently

do take care, lyn lyn.

p.s. we have our theme song, the song of banana and cherry: 'you spin me head right round right round,like a record baby right round round round'

one step down
Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 4:50 PM
readers, i'm really sorry that i have not been updating my blog lately. recently, i have been really busy. college life is just hustle and bustle.

i'll update my blog asap once i'm done with the tests which are just around the corner.

i just needa express myself through this post, but not much. i'll elaborate more next time.

couldnt get out from my head,
as it's embraced to every nerves of the brain,
reminisce the past,
recalled that i learnt numerous,
being taught to handle every matter with a sincere heart,
being taught not to give up easily,
being taught to be ternacious,
being taught tons and tons,
i just couldnt forget,
still deeply in my heart,
it exists.

i'll be back.