home sweet home
Sunday, June 21, 2009, 9:51 PM
i am finally back from pahang. phew.

well, eventually, i went to the taman negara in pahang. we had jungle tracking and canopy walk. oh oh. not to forget, we had a boat ride too. but i forgot what we call that event. haha. these events will be elaborated, if mood is on.

last but not least, happy father's day, my beloved daddy!!! ;D

ai yai captain!!!
Thursday, June 18, 2009, 11:48 PM
captain ball competition was held today in inti college basketball court. recalled 2 days ago. i passed by the inti ball booth and saw this paper regarding the captain ball competition.

the first thing that came to my mind was JOIN. haha. but afterall, when there's a team to join the competition, i felt like quiting. somehow, it seemed bad and so i just played.

the first match we won with the score 3 - 2.

suppose we can get 4 instead of 3, but i did a mistake. damn it! eff! well, just have to blame the malfunction hands.

the second match we won with the score 5 - 1.

this was a good game. but it was tiring. because i became the mid-person instead of the keeper. well, tiring and exhausting. ran here and there just to pass the ball to teammates as teamwork is very vital.

finally, we got ourselves into the semi finals. woohoo!

end of this captain ball competition:
1) khai jier got his big and gigantic blister burst and looks horrible with the skin being peeled off half =O

2) amanda got her butt cramping as she didnt do warm up before playing and she had not been exercising for doonkey years. *butt cramp* lolness -_-

3) i got my back injured. the same part again. eff again! wtf! thanks to that guy who played rough in the game. bang bang bang! bang his head off then he knows! ouch!

off to pahang. blog will be updated asap once back from pahang which is the next sunday that is 3 days later.

Sunday, June 14, 2009, 1:15 PM
'when there is no fear, there is no challenge'

life is getting miserable recently. messy and planningless life will cause a very VERY very VERY gigantic impact on a person, either physically or mentally or emotionally.

fear? what is fear? frankly speaking, i dunno what is fear. fear does not exist in my world. there is no fear in me. maybe there is?

btw, i am trying hard not to turn myself into a nerd-boy as i found this cute little picture. haha.

so, readers, what is fear?

".....fear it or leave it....."

no boundaries
, 2:54 AM
i'm sorry for what i had done.

this is specially dedicated for you.

you'll make it through the pain
weather the hurricane
to get to that one thing

'because there is no boundaries'

bring it on
Saturday, June 13, 2009, 8:39 PM
i just went for a haircut today. now fringe eff-ing short. other part of the hair also freaking short. not satisfied with the hairstyle. haiz. sigh kao kao!

next, lots of homework are not done. test results suck like shit. quizes are even worse. classes are like useless to me as couldnt catch up due to some reasons which are not gonna be revealed here. the coming test and mid-term exam are just around the corner. but i am still not well prepared yet. no, should say that i am NOT prepared at all.

finally done with all the complaints.

today i was being like a pig. someone is right. haha. i slept around 11pm last night till 10am today. then i woke up adn after breakfast, i entered the Land of Nod around 12pm till 4+pm. first time having such a great and energetic feeling. haha.

gosh! i am so in love with latin dance. i couldnt resist myself from being so interested in latin dance. a lot of people say that latin dance is only for girls. who say so? who say that guys cannot be in latin dance? haha. ignorance is bliss. continue with all those comments on guys being involved in latin dance. next wednesday, i will be staying overnight at joo's house. so, i can stay till anytime for the latin dance. dance as long as i can. i am seriously in love with it. my eldest sister also learns latin dance wei. wahaha! latin ROCKS!!!

oh oh. after dinner, i watch astro channel 301. it was a dancing show. wow wow wow. there are many types of dance performance in that show. not only latin, there are still hip hop, breaking, popping, freestyle and many more. however, i still prefer latin. once again, latin rocks!

drag me to hell
Friday, June 12, 2009, 7:49 PM
drag me to hell! drag me to hell! drag me to hell! drag me to hell!

i wanna watch 'DRAG ME TO HELL' next week. haha. i might be going to joo's house to stay overnight. then can decide to go for a movie that day. maybe wednesday. as after latin, we can go and watch this fantastic-trailer-movie during night. ;) and i wanna have a look at subang students' lifestyles. lol.

the trailer of 'drag me to hell' is great. seems very horrifying. wahaha! and got shocked by one of the part of the trailer. -.- damn it! however, this week i have to rush rush rush all those eff-ing homework. ;(

wow. the poster looks so ...

lol. mtv photo exclusive? ._."

omg omg. uCm? haha

another one? ;P

p.s. what's the feeling or reaction you will have if you win 5 times in a row in REVERSI?

dun be mad if you are reading this. LOL

the feels
Thursday, June 11, 2009, 10:46 PM
how do you feel when you're being compressed by 7 reports?

how do you feel when you're being stretched by the illness?

how do you feel when you're being in a world which you trust nobody?

how do you feel when you're being in a day which you drive like a mad cow?

how do you feel when you're being in a very very very frustrating and hectic life?

how do you feel when you're seeing the sentences above getting longer and longer than each other?


best picture of the month

let the revolution starts. a heated heart turns into a cold heart. get it before it turns to you.

resolution to a new start
Sunday, June 7, 2009, 9:45 PM
it is finally done. it is finally over. what is done & over? not important and vital to be announced here. not something that is honoured or what.

i wont feel regret for what i had done because i did not lie or cheat. i just think tha it is a better move for it to be resolved. i respect you and that is why i told you such thing. i can be ignoring everything and avoiding everything but that would be the lamest way of solving a problem. i prefer getting straight to the point. well, maybe sometimes, i do drag some time to take an action as i dun have the confidence in me. anyway, what is done is done is done is done and it's done?!?!

anyway, thanks for everything and anything. i dunno what to repay.

i should start my plan. whether what plan is it, observe it yourself, dude.

oh yeah. to someone or anyone, if you dun like the way i am, buzz off as procrastinating isnt a good habit either. do what you should do instead of taking lame actions. sometimes, remaining silence is the most hazardous reaction, dun you know? so, watcha!

revolution of tan chyn woei? sounds not bad. ;)

headshot or step-by-step?
Monday, June 1, 2009, 5:56 PM
life had been hectic recently. sigh. however, still had to face all the obstacles in life. hard work and determination is the key to success? well, think so!!!

recently, i had been very very very MOOD SWING! -_- i dunno why. maybe it's about academic. or maybe it's about other stuffs which i would not like to express it out here.

what will happen when you started eating one food but you had lost the interest in the food? will you just throw the food away or force yourself to finish up the food? or maybe we look into this in another point of view. what will happen when you like noodles instead of rice? will you continue to eat noodles or change your favour to rice? haha! sounds funny ryte? but it's totally giving me a headache about the food. =.=

so, i had been thinking about this food problem for a long period. a headshot decision or step-by-step decision? i still cannot take my way to solve the problem as i am being too timid and not ternacious enough. haiz.

tmr is calculus II test 1 and thursday will be the day of test 1 for chemistry II and physics I. BUT but BUT but, i had not even started studying any subject yet. well, i will start now, hopefully.

just a normal announcement? haha. the lastest event that i had involved was held at li zhe's house. i will blog about it asap due to my hustle-and-bustle-ness.

say ttyl and reply welcome? ;P get it? 1 will get it!!!