forever is over
Monday, August 31, 2009, 8:46 PM
today is the last day of my semester break.

actually, i didnt plan to go out during the last week of semester break. however, i went out today. where did i go? i went to meet my long-time-no-see-friend. he's pang kien ping. :)

why would i meet him? it was a sudden decision. on sunday night, which was yesterday, i was listening to songs and lying on my comfortable bed. haha. in my mind, i was thinking what should i do in this semester. suddenly, i recalled of kien ping's mom calling me a few months ago. i reminisced of our conversation. so, i decided to call kien ping out for a meet.

well, we met, finally. haha. i drove to our high school and picked him up. we headed to ikano. on the way to our destination, oh well, he was quiet. he changed lots. everytime he sees me, he will talk lots, can considered as non-stop. haha. however, today, he was just giving me an one-word-answer for every question. i joked and he did not laugh. my mind was blank during that moment. what had happen to him? i didnt expect it to be so severe. no giving up! hmph! continue.

we reached ikano. i still talked and questioned him. finally, god bless me, haha. he started to speak more and more. he told me about his study life currently and the friends that he had. meanwhile, he was choosing his types of breads for lunch. haha. i just took my breakfast at 11.30am. so, nah. he will do the eating only.

after that, we headed to the popular. he bought his stuff and damn! it was bored. so, we got to the 1u. hehe. however, we had nothing to do in 1u either. so, after having a long walk from new wing to old wing, we found a bench and sat and had a tete-a-tete. lol.

we talked about our current life and of course we did reminisce the past. it was memorable. i miss those days. haiz.

oh. i met the couple. WAHAHA. yes! they are the one. they are so sweet wei. bless them. :D jealous-nya. haha~!

we had a long chat. ah hah! we planned to go to the taman tun park to have a stroll. it was been donkey years that kien ping didnt go there. so, i just accompanied him. :)

other than strolling, what did we do? hmm. of course camwhore! haha.

you should learn to smile :)

i wasn't ready yet. -.-

haha. there i go. ;)

nice shot :D

picture of the day :P

he had his haircut at the centre point. he is blad right now. -.- his precious hair. sigh kao kao. lol.

after fetching him home, well, i had my task done and i felt better. :) it's time for home sweet home.

p.s. sorry, kien ping. i didnt know you're facing such problems till your mom told me. good luck and hope my advices provide aid.

last but not least, gambateh~

, 1:17 AM
merdeka! happy independence day, malaysia.

well, this year, maybe because of swine fllu, there wasn't much celebration of merdeka. just now, dad and i passed by 1u, there was no celebration at all. well, 1u and curve always have the compete of fireworks every year for merdeka. HAHA.

we got back to bandar sri damansara and had roti canai for our supper. :) mhm hmm.

i just reached home and straight away i blogged. haha. loyal blogger?

i got a question. what is the next thing i gotta do after my supper?

definitely the answer is SLEEP.

tata~ :D

pig says oink
Sunday, August 30, 2009, 7:25 PM
i love to sleep.

haha. it's the best thing to do in life. :D well, however, i always sleep late at night. for example, during this semester break, i always go to bed after 4am? lol.

today, i slept right after my lunch, which was 3pm till 7pm. :) the feeling was awesome? haha.

a lot of stuffs were bothering me this morning. in my mind, i kept thinking of the definitions of friends and lover. haha. lame right? i know, but i was too bored.

in my opinion,
-never lie to me
-never break their promises
-never betray me
-lend me their hands when i need help
-have the same mind as me

-love her for being part of my life
-share everything with her
-tell her everything
-accept her everything
-never take advantage on her

haha. i was just being bored. well, done with today's update. independence day!!!

off to dinner. :)

story telling
Saturday, August 29, 2009, 11:49 AM
i just woke up.
it's pretty late.

because there was a story telling session.
from 3am to 5am.

that story turned me on? i guess so. lol.

1 thing
Thursday, August 27, 2009, 11:29 PM
happy sweet 18th birthday
rhae yaenn :)

i just knew this girl recently. i went out with her once only. previously, i met her several times. but i never greet her. the reason? haha. because i dun wanna disturb her. i think you understand ryte, rhae yaenn? HaHa.

it was fun talking to you. the relationships. the ex bfs. the human beings. the interests. the experiences. the frech kisses. -_-" LoL. i still remember those convo. damn funny huh?

the only word to describe rhae yaenn, well, she is a perfectionist. in other words, she is being very choosy? haha. i dunno her way of handling stuff. but i might know the way she choose her other half. physical appearance must have a perfect height which is taller than her and a broad shoulder and a big chest for her. LoL. he must be a man who has no communication barrier with her and a mature mind and being an understanding and caring one. haiz. this should be a perfect and flawless man? how to find, rhae yaenn? haha.

p.s. once again, happy birthday, rhae yaenn. as it is your birthday, you're granted a wish by me, tan chyn woei. it could be any wishes. BUT if and only if i am willing to fulfill it too. :D

2 do
, 8:11 PM
let's make this short.

well, early morning, around 9.30am, i left house and headed to joo's house to pick him up. then we went to college to do our enrollment for the next semester, september 2009. joo had his one done in a short time. but mine is kinda troublesome. i had to get to finance and then to the OAR and then collected my results and finally did my enrollment in the aup office.

hmm. i met cadence, mun wai, kar yian and sik eu in college. :D

this was the funny one. joo has a date in midvalley. he and i rushed to the subang jaya ktm station. by the moment we reached the station, the train just arrived. joo was lucky that he had the touch N' go card. but he was unlucky as the touch N' go system was down. HAHA. he bought the ticket but was not in time to get in the train. finally, i made up my mind by fetching him to midvalley.

it was my first time driving to midvalley. haha. cause normally i would take ktm to midvalley. -.- woohoo. i drift all the way to midvalley. i overtook lots of cars. there are total of 3 lanes, i was driving on the right lane, then i drove to the left lane and then got back to the right lane. omg! i just like this way of ocertaking the cars. the feeling was so awesome!!! haha. well, although there was traffic jam, we reached midvalley by 12.30pm, which was less than 30 minutes. hooray~!

i managed to drive home too, alone. ;D

i was busy for the whole day. not studying. not doing housework. not playing any sports. but fetching and picking up sisters for tuitions. -.- i took a nap that was only around 15 minutes. that was so sad. i was damn tired and exhausted. but still, to lessen my mom's burden, i took over the job of being a driver.

oh oh. this was the exciting one. on the way home, a car overtook my car. and the way of overtaking my car was unpleasant. i felt so annoyed and that bothered me. so, i drove to the left lane again from the right lane and got back the right lane to overtake him. and yeap. i managed to do so. the driver was a man. after i did so, he drove till his car was extremely close to my car. so, i purposely drove slowly. ngek ngek ngek. when he drove to the middle lane in order to overtake my car, i drove faster. haha! i am so evil. after that, he went missing. i dunno where he went. HAHA. i think i like to race. -.- is this a good or bad thing?

p.s. i am having a headache currently as i have no idea what should i update about my blog. lol.

3 words
, 7:14 PM
23/8/09 was a sunday.

i went to midvalley with rhae yaenn. yes! only both of us. -.- because li zhe could not make it. he said he was very busy. so, leave it. and then rhae yaenn's sister had outing with her friends too. so, she could not make it too.

well, at first, i thought it would be awkward for me and rhae yaenn to have outing in midvalley. why would i say so? as i didnt have 1 on 1 outing with a person before, espcially girl and plus i just knew her and we never talked in reality before. haha. but, not really. haha. we kept talking and crapping and teasing.

rhae yaenn requested for a very DETAILED update about the midvalley outing. however, i am not good in doing description. ;( it would be a hard task to me. lol. so, here we go.

i reached the sungai buloh ktm station by 11am. i have to emphasize that i hate ktm wei. it sucks, somehow. haha. i waited till 11.50am and then only there was a train heading to seremban. -.- so, i got up the train and there i headed to kl central.

as i was going to midvalley and i was in the train heading to seremban. so, i dun have to get out from the train at kl central. but actually, i was heading to subang jaya ktm station. this was the plan between rhae yaenn and me. then through sms, rhae yaenn only realised that the pathway of me getting to midvalley wont be passing by subang jaya ktm station. -.- this showed that she is a blur girl. haha. at first, i thought she was afraid to be alone and so i just promised her to meet up at the subang jaya ktm station.

after knowing the pathway, rhae yaenn told me to wait for her at the kl central. while waiting, damn, i needa answer the nature's call. haha. so, i rushed up to the washroom and then got back down to the station. after that, my right contact lens just dropped off. shit! i gotta go to the washroom to wear it back. after i got the contact lens in the right position, i got back down to the station. okay. fine. this time i was thirsty. i got back up to buy mineral water. once i got back down to the station, rhae yaenn called. she was at the mac D. wth? i walked back up again. -.- i had been walking up and down for almost an hour plus wei. pity me ryte, rhae yaenn? :P

oh fine. we were lucky. once we got down to the station of kl central, there was a train to midvalley. we ran. honestly, it had been a long duration for me not running. -.- i think i am getting old. haha.

in the train, we talked about lots of stuff. oh well, about the topic, i'm not gonna reveal it here as the vow was made. rhae yaenn, contorls too much. :P haha. and well, communication barrier and a man is needed? oh. and i still remembered that rhae yaenn was afraid of a malay guy, if i'm not mistaken. he talked to rhae yaenn and wanted some information of her. she was afraid. timid yaenn. HAHA.

we reached midvalley. the first thing that we did was we went to buy the movie tickets. we decided to watch 'i love you, beth cooper'. oh well, what shall i say about this movie? there is a nerdy valedictorian in the movie who is similar as one of rhae yaenn's friend. HAHA. i cant stop laughing. phone acts as vibrator? -.- well, what shall guys do when a girl ask about the sunrise? LoL. and finally, lots of kissing scenes.

i had to say sorry, rhae yaenn. as i couldnt make a decision whether where should we have our lunch on that day. haha. both of us kept walking around the midvalley just to search for a suitable restaurant for out lunch. i bet rhae yaenn was pissed that moment. HAHA. as she did not have her breakfast and that time was around 2pm. she was definitely famished.

btw, rhae yaenn, you sounded like my mom. you said this: 'chyn woei, you should learn to make decisions.' haha. exactly what my mom said to me?

finally, after a long period of walking, we decided to get back to the food court to eat. -.- i ordered roasted duck rice for my lunch. rhae yaenn ordered a spicy and sweet and sour thai food. well, she said that she likes sweet and sour and spicy food. before coming to the food court, we did pass by a thai restaurant. rhae yaenn, we should go there and have a try. but you will surely see me perspiring lots while eating? and you sure laugh your ass out. -.- anyway, to all rhae yaenn's admirers, remember what kinda food she likes yeah. :P

after the lunch and movie, we had ice cream at a corner and it was time for GOSSIPING! what topic did we talk about yeah? let me recall. well, we talked about our past as in relationships and ex, our point of view towards people, our interests and of course our experiences. HAHA. if i'm not mistaken, we talked for almost an hour. it was our first time talking to each other, but it seemed like we had known each other for long. we just kept talking non-stop. it was great, ryte? :D

of course, by the end of the day, camwhore is a must. ;)

our first picture. however, my hair looks horrible. -.-

p.s. rhae yaenn, is this midvalley outing post detailed enough? haha. :D

4 you
, 4:30 PM
19/8 - 21/8

the above period was the days of ccs camp.

as i am kinda lazy currently, and well, so, i will just express my feelings and comment on the camp. the pictures will do the talking. ;D

how would i say? i knew this camp through one of my friends. i didnt really see the banner of the ccs camp before. so, i'm sorry, liz. haha. basically, it is a fun camp, although tiring. the activities that we had made us hectic and felt exhausted. -.- in addition, INSUFFICIENT OF SLEEP wei!!!

every morning, yee huan will come to every room and blow his wisel. damn it! -.- noisy till i could not continue to sleep. so, i had to sit up and waited till he left the room. then, ngek ngek ngek, sleep time again. i will lie on the bed again. but wth? felicia will be coming in. oh well, she didnt have a wisel. BUT she will be kicking the bed and waking us up. -_-' how could i continue to sleep in such condition? haiz. sleeping is the best thing to do in life, in my opinion. haha.

so, what's up? pictures time!!! (sorry that i stole these pictures below) :P

my group ;)

i seemed emo huh? =/

finally i helped to do the group banner. haha.

the introduction of our group

this game made my butt itched and painful -.-

i know i'm light :P

the last day of camp, introduction of groups again before presentation

we called this mj's moonwalk ;D

and this was mj's 45 degree

fine. i know i looked lan si here. haiz.

i'm bad in acting. lol.

these are just some pictures of the ccs camp. well, there are even more pictures of the ccs camp. get those pictures from the facebook if you're interested. i'm not gonna publish the link here. haha.

p.s. suppost ccs!!!

when a dog loves a cat
Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 2:46 PM
i finally finished watching the hong kong drama 'when a dog loves a cat'.

well, it was last year's drama. but i was not allowed to watch during my spm trial. -.- damn it! and most probably my mom kept it. and yeah! i was lucky to find it back during the sem break. so, i started watching yesterday.

the storyline. just skip it. lazy of blogging it. haha.

however, it is a must watch one. very touching. maybe not. but tears were flowing. sounds gay? lol. but quite touching. actually, i have no idea what am i typing currently. maybe insufficient of sleep? as i watch this drama till 4am. i still left 2 episodes wei, but i couldnt stand it. so, just bumped into my bed and slept.

during sem break, the recent stuffs that i did were ccs camp and the midvalley outing. well, i will blog about these asap. currently, i'm being very lazy to do it.

p.s. i want latin dance!!! and you're a dog to me, disappointed. HAHA

Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 3:01 PM
today morning was just daily holiday routine. i played badminton with li zhe again. and the results were just as usual too. haha. sorry, li zhe.

then, after shower and everything well-prepared, OMG! we were late. i promised amanda to pick her up from sunway at 11am. but the moment we left was 11.15am.

this is the amanda that i'm mentioning. that was the bf standing behind her. i cant find a nice picture of her. -.- dun care la, just steal this. HAHA

so, after picking her up, li zhe was in charged to drive. we went to sunway pyramid.

oh. not to forget the reason of we meeting up with amanda. because SHE SAID THAT SHE WAS BORED. suppose to accompany her yesterday. however, she cancelled it and made it today.

after done with those parking and stuff, we went to have our lunch.

let's skip all these boring stuffs wei.

next, we insisted that amanda should drive. wahaha! and she drove. i have to say this.

amanda ong, the only word to describe your driving skills is speechless. HAHA

the process of amanda driving:
1) she asked whether signals should be done or not. -.-
2) she asked how to open the car window. LOLness wei.
3) she didn even step on the brake pedal when approached to the roundabout. we almost got bang by a truck. -.- thank god.

then, she drove back to sunway college and we left.

now, i should take a rest. damn tired wei. -.- oh yesh! genting trip. but ccs camp. haiz.

Monday, August 17, 2009, 11:12 PM
she left. she finally left to US.

xiao tian can be said to be part of my memory. mostly happy memories with her. no sad memories, if not mistaken.

i know xiao tian through the stact club 19th rural service. throughout the whole service, we had never talk to each other before. maybe once or twice, but not much. the only thing i can remember is she taught me dancing and we had eating watermelon competition.

xiao tian, i dunno what is the only word that can describe her. i just know she always keeps her sorrows to herself. she never wants me to know. i do know this, but i just kept quiet. everytime i ask her whether is there anything that made her feel down or sad, the only answer she will give me is NAH. till she breaks down in front of me. and i always feel so helpless. i just have no idea that what can i do in over to lend her a hand.

i lied to her. i told her that i would be busy today and i couldnt go to KLIA to have a last meet with her. actually, this was joo and my idea. we planned to give a surprise. however, the plan was ruinned up.

we were late. we left house around 7.30pm which was after our dinner. as joo came to my house, so, we left from sungai buloh but not subang jaya. KLIA is so freaking far from sungai buloh. no choice as this was the only last meet before she leave to US.

i couldnt be in a rush condition. i was nervous and rushing all the way to KLIA. so, my stomach was not feeling pretty well. maybe i should describe the pain as the menstruation pain? yeah. i think it was kinda that feeling.

joo asked whether i could continue driving or he would take over the job. i really hoped that he took over the job. but, i continued to drive as joo is the guest and i couldnt just let him drive but me relaxing beside him. so, i just continued driving.

finally, we reached KLIA. however, we were late. the time showed 8.30pm.

suppose, we planned this way. joo will meet up with xiao tian. and i will webcam with xiao tian. previously, i told xiao tian to have the laptop with her all the time when she is being in KLIA. she really did it. she had her laptop with her for the whole moment. i just felt bad for that.

as the shortage of time, i just cancelled the plan of webcaming with her and just went to look for her with joo.

we met her and i was talking to her on the phone.

joo was smart. he walked off. i knew why would he do so.

there left xiao tian and i. actually, i got lots of stuff to tell her. but, facing her, my mind was blank. i just said nothing to her.

i wanted to capture a picture of her with me using my phone, but i did not have the courage to voice it out.

seeing her breaking down once again, i totally have no idea. i just didn know what i can do. i just kept quiet till she left.

xiao tian, take care.

Saturday, August 15, 2009, 11:17 PM

i finally recovered.

oh well, i did blood test on wednesday. ever first time.

my eyes went big. O.O oh well, not painful, but i feel cool that my blood is being sucked out for damn freaking fast wei. wahaha! and it's damn freaking dark color. erm, let me recall, i think it's nearly black, if not mistaken.

mom was shocked and the doctor shook his head once they saw the color of my blood. haha. cool!

well, the doctor said: you might get dengue.

and my reaction was: oh, okay. haha. (as usual)

these 4 days. i suffered lots. i nearly died. the feeling of recovering is like reborn. oh well, it just feels good. that's the only thing that i can say.

everything seems precious to me.

p.s. sleeping during rainy day in an air-cond room is the best activity of mine. ;)

totally down
Monday, August 10, 2009, 6:52 PM
now is sem break. wahaha! so, being bored at home, li zhe and i decided to play badminton.

it had been a long time for me for not playing badminton. i think roughly 5 years? pretty long huh?

let's make this short. so, i drove li zhe to taman tun park and we had out badminton game there. today was the day we played the most matches. total of 7 matches. oh well, and the overall result was 7-0. li zhe was the one who got 0. LOL! sorry, li zhe, for annoucing the result. :x

after that, we had a rest at li zhe's house and we watched 'taken'. although it was quite a long-time-ago-movie, i never watched before. so, just watch la. oh oh. i could predict every following scene of the movie which made li zhe felt speechless, although havig a big mouth.

after the movie, we drove to 1u. we were being like 2 jakuns walking around 1u just to find the suitable stuffs that we needed. finally, we changed our mind and got another stuff. HAHA. and the process was emberrassing. just leave it.

out of a sudden, li zhe gave the idea of catching a movie. and so, we watched the earliest one, which was the 'on his majesty's secret service'. omg omg! this movie is a nice comedy. it is a must watch movie for now. i couldnt stop laughing throughout the movie. lol.

must watch must watch!!!

omg omg! she's so gorgeous. *faint*

there's a character in the movie who looks like this guy in the above photo. ;)

however, i am ill currently. damn it. hopefully not swine flu *touchwood*

off the rest.

the beginning
Saturday, August 8, 2009, 8:56 PM
finally, here comes the semester break. phew

i got lots of complaints to do, so, just do it here.

1. academic
during my first semester, oh well, i didnt really do well. i always did last minute study. one day before final, i only start burning the midnight oil. damn it? so, i found it hard to score flying colors in those subjects. during that moment, in mind mind, the only word, NEVERMIND! okay. fine. semester 2 started. no doubt, i did even worse. well, i should say it was the worst period of study in my 17 years life. being mischievous, i skipped class. well, i dun have to elaborate more and definitely you as a reader will know the consequences. this time, i aimed for pass but not a credit. sounds rediculous to you right that i am such kinda teenager? but it is the fact which cannot be altered at all. for your info, i am a slow learner. my brain capacity is just small as a pea. i am not as smart as what some of you think. scoring well in upsr, pmr & spm were just lame and lucky. college life is much different, not to say much, LOTS! not only your studies, you start to see the true colors of the people around you. well, screwing up my academic is a regret to me. but, no point mourning over it. life has to keep going either. plus i think i can get the way of scoring in this freaking hectic and miserable aup programme. hopefully i can really cope it from my next semester.

2. friends
well, what are friends for? when you ask others about this question, different types of answers will come out from their either tiny or gigantic mouths. to me, friends, someone you can have your trust in, someone who forgive you although you provoke him, someone who was on your side when you are happy and sad, someone who shares your everything, not really everything, just like girlfriend cant be shared.

i do have a few great friends. but currently, there are 3 who are really really my close friends, well, cause same college marh. haha. let me intro them to you. ta da ta da~

wong li zhe
he was my schoolmate during high school. but i never talked to him before. when he came to inti college, only i started talking to him as being in the same class for enl 101. (is the course code correct? -.- argh. forget about it) he was a quiet boy when i just knew him. but afterall, not really. HAHA! he is quite crappy wei. same like me larh. quiet when there is nobody that we know but crappy like shit when there are someone that we know and close to. i always provoke him, he does felt angry, but he would be fine afterall. i share most stuffs with him. we backstab people that we dun like. we talk about girls and out results. we shares our feelings, if necessary. but but but, he likes to copy the way i are. WTH! way of styling hair, maybe not much similarities, but still considered as copy. haha. and then, way of sms-ing and chatting and talking. but the only different that he has from me is he has a big face. eeeks. >.< sorry, li zhe. haha.

hui joo sing
well, joo is one year elder than me and one sem older than me. however, these do not affect our friendship, hopefully. haha. joo is also a funny guy. i do share my stuff with him. and he keeps it to himself. except for some stuffs. -.- oh well, but actually, i do know the meaning behid his actions. he just wanna clear the doubt and obstacles and misunderstanding. whatis it about? i am not gonna tell. haha. oh oh. and joo has a big backside. woohoo~ just love whacking it and see him screaming. HAHA. SM wei. and not to forget this, he is a damn lazy fatty pig. -.- he always says this: chyn woei, wake me up later, i have a 15 minutes nap yeah. when i wake him, he kick and mumble but still not awake. so, i give up, most of the time. LOL.

sherlyn pang ting huan
sherlyn, the closest girlfriend of mine if i am not mistaken. haha. li zhe and i bully her, always. how would she defend herself? COVERING~ woohoo! haha. or she will scold with a laugh on her face. -.- she will say this: you si bian tai!!! haha. i do share stuffs with her. but not really as much as those i share with li zhe and joo. why? because this semester most of the time, i hardly meet her. i can meet her if and only if i play truant, which i did. haiz. lol. oh oh. and she was a funny girl too. she likes to act innocent. agree right, li zhe? and one more thing. her grandma is damn funny wei! once, as her handphone was spoilt, according to her, so, i called her house phone. then a lady picked up the phone and i said: hello, may i speak to sherlyn? she replied: se lin? bo se lin leh. and i was like: HUH? oh oh~! ting huan. she replied: OH~ ting huan ar. deng jen oh. -.- dunno what she spoke actually but remember the convo, still remains clear in my mind. parting~

now, time to backstab some friends. let me choose the worst one from the boy and girl friends. hmph! however, names are not mentioned.

he used to be a friend that i though he can be one of my close friends. however, i am wrong. totally wrong. he betrayed me. what did he do? i am not gonna reveal it here. as no point saying it. i just lost the trust and hope in him. i think same to him too on me. i did tell him about stuff and in the end, he took over and own the stuff. and plus he backstab me. although i did not hear him backstabbing, rumors are being spreaded around. readers, you might say that it was just the rumor. but think twice. if there is no such thing happen, no backstabbing at all, why would the rumors start? although it's not accurate, definitely it's 50% correct while the another 50% is being editted by the others. so, he will get a piece of me one day. you better watch out, dude. you really pissed me off. you will not know who you are, but just beware. i will repay you for what you gave me. i never tell you about the bo-songness of mine towards you. but, i think you can sense it. so, just wait it or get prepared.

she was one of my close friends. i did share my stuffs with her. however, she disappointed me. she accused me on betraying her. i did not do such thing before. i just did not explain to her as i hate explaining. and if she has the trust in me, i dun have to give her any damn explanation. next, she got angry over a single little tiny freaking stuff. excuse me? everyone will do mistakes. cant you just forgive one? you bloody hell! and it was just a small matter. and you idiot! had you ever find out why would i do so? had you ever find the meaning behind of my actions? you never. you just know how to get angry and blame and scold and give me that bloody idiot black moody face. however, it's over. you're not my close friend anymore, this is the fact.

wow wow~ feel much better after expressing all these.

oh oh. recently, i knew a few new friends. all newbies.

cadence - always whack my head. -.-
natalie - whack me all the time and complain that her hand felt painful instead of me
le may - a cute little girl
jessica - a crappy but funny girl wei. LOL!
yee han - a 38 po
felicia - cant judge her by her look, known as se mao
fion - mischievous sem 1 freshie
rhae yeann - loves to give wide smile

3. personal stuff
i still haven solved my personal problems. haiz. sad case. i just dunno why. my life is being so miserable and hectic and messy, which i dun like it at all. actually, some of the problems seem to be solved, but actually, i just let them go and just forget about them. la la la? haha.

p.s. i watched g.i.joe with li zhe today. well, can considered as quite a not bad movie. after that, i got a terrible headache, most probably dun have sufficient sleep and rest. then, lost in picking up my sister, which gave me a big trouble. END