24 hours?
Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 8:59 PM
"24 hours aint sufficient for me at all"

i seriously need more time. 24 hours in a day? totally not enough at all wei! argh! i needa rearrange the timetable in my life. maybe i will focus on some particular stuff first. ignorance is bliss? i dunno. well, i try my best to care for everything, hopefully.

btw, sorry for not updating my blog recently. been too busy as being in the life of hustle and bustle. hai. *sigh kao kao* i will update my recent life events and activities as soon as possible.

chuckles? *shiver* -.-

another heaven aka 另一个天堂
Saturday, May 23, 2009, 2:23 PM
first and foremost, HAPPY BELATED SWEET 18th BIRTHDAY, JAREN the jar jar~ sorry for such a late post for your birthday. =/ because i reached home late which was midnight from inti college and being tired and lazy to post this wish. ;) please forgive and forget yea!

happy birthday, jaren! ;D

let us continue. next, i would like to say sorry. -.- not that i didnt wanan accompany you but i had to attend my friend's birthday celebration. so, dun angry yea? ;) and sorry for all the inconvenience as i couldnt accompany you for most of the time. haiz. this is due to the transport problem and timetable difference.

yesterday was the 19th stact club rural service celebration. i was late for the celebration. howver, juliet was the latest, she came in after me. haha! we had a great time. we played lots of games. oh yea~! i got a prize, which was the sleeping beauty. -.- they complaint that i slept too much. as a result, i received the most votes from the people. BUT BUT BUT! some molested me. -_- they placed the sticker on my butt. and ONE even stick it to my underwear! ish! but i dunno who's the ONE. haha!

and and and, tian cheated me. =_= she called me to help her to fill up the pail with water. so, i accompanied her to the female washroom to fill it up. then, once filled up, OMG! she poured the pail of water over me. -.- i was definitely WET! choy hill lam, you will get it one day! ngek ngek ngek! x) but i kinda like it? haha!

oh yea! i am in love with a song which is the 'another heaven' aka 另一个天堂.




每一个梦想 有无限的快乐







p.s. 520 520 520!

the new equation
Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 11:50 PM
it's 20th may 2009.

well, memorable day? haha. definitely. why? because it is memorable! lol. readers, dun be so pat! -.-

as it is a memorable day, thus, a new equation was created.

tian = dodo

that's the new equation!!!

so, in conclusion, is:

dodo = tian?

HAHA! actually, i am confused about what i am typing currently. i just hope eveything goes smooth and steady as i wished.

p.s. someone said that tian cannot close her mouth for the whole day today. haha! xD

dying again
Sunday, May 17, 2009, 1:09 PM
well, i am back. i didn blog for 2 days, if not mistaken. haha! let's continue.

i kinda got a mama in college dy. she reminded me to study physics and calculus. lol. then she always teased me for skipping class and being late for class. erm, all these kinda gave me the motivation to study hard. hopefully the motivation in my heart lasts long. -.- or else really gg wei! as i screwed up my sem 1 already.

next, girl~! although i dunno who is he, but i think you will get to click with him. haha! so, dun give up but work hard! see! i am so nice ryte? lol. i didnt even reveal your name. i will support you meantally yea! not physically. -.-

btw, i wanna say this: PICTURES DO NOT INDICATE ANY MEANING! -_- you guys just think too much. i take picture with a girl doesnt mean i am with the girl or i am in love with the girl. gosh! please just think simple but not way too complicated. thank you. =.="

well, friday was the freshie gathering for aup newbies. i went there just to have a look but not to help! xD haha! erm, it was kinda boring actually. but after that, we played volleyball and that was fun! jaren and michelle had some funny incidents that day. LOL.

saturday which was yesterday, i gotta go back to college for calculus which is for replacement class. it was so tiring. and not to forget, shanta locked the door when i wanted to enter the classroom. -.- that was so embarrassing as the whole class laughed. gosh!

sorry that i am being so strangerish. bu i just dunno what to react. it takes times. that's all. haha.

*continue with my work*

bee dum dum
Thursday, May 14, 2009, 9:32 PM
well, let's make this simple.

this afternoon, i accompanied xiao tian for lunch as she was in a bad mood. we went to pizza hut. she kept giving me food and i finished them and finally my stomach was bloated. before i left, she poked my stomach. -.- which made me felt like vomitting. LOL.

after that, i went 1 on 1 cs with li zhe again. he still refused to give up and thus he kept challenging me. and today he died in cs not because of headshots but majority was being BOOMED and DIED IN A SUDDEN! haha. so, he required another match tmr again.

oh oh! toda i went to pick my sister up again from tuition. on the way home, i had micro sleep. -.- and my car was being in the middle of the road. luckily there were no cars around me or else PING PANG BOOM! and the car surely gone case.

tomorrow i will be having calculus quiz! >.<

omg. i look so ...

now, i announced you both as husband and wife :P

guess the price. ;)

nice leh? haha.

the molest session
, 12:42 AM
eff man! today i had a hair cut! freaking short. -.- should say 'cut a bit short' and 'want a little spiky'. as a result, more than half of the length of my hair went OFF! geramnya!

skipped that eff-ing sad topic.

during 6pm, i attended the post mortem for 19th stact club. at there, we discussed about the past and the future. haha! once again, i was chosen in the maintenance group accompanied by chew lian and li zhe in the charity drive event! LOL! li zhe gonna nag again! *shake head*

let me list out those who went for the post mortem: zjen thak, fernie, ree-gent, wen jye, sin yee, sze qi, sai yung, khen chen, seng kiet, qi quan, juliet, wai hong, tian xin, jia hao, yong lee, sherine, poh king, li-ying, corine, xiao tian, cheah mern, bernard, vivien, ee lian, richard, chew lian, zhen john, su peng, stephanie, jason, yat lei, chong kui and me! haha~

not to forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AH CHEN!

then, after the post mortem, sai yung and jia hao went off and the others all went to AC to have our dinner. during the dinner, i annoyed my lui lui! haha! i keep calling her 'fan tong'. lol. and seng kiet called me 'mommy' too. -.- because corine lui lui calls me mommy and seng kiet is her pet brother. LOL!

after dinner, ah king, chew lian, su peng and i went to play pool! oh yes! out of 3 matches, i scored 2! finally, i got back the feeling of playing pool. LOL. funny ryte? haha.

then, we walked off to my place to meet up with the people who went there. these people were seng kiet, moli (senior of stact club which i just knew her today), jason, chong kui, khen chen, tian xin, vivien and zjen thak.

chew lian changed into his attire and i wanted to push him into the swimming pool but failed. -.- it ended up i got thrown into the swimming pool! goshness! i suppose to go home at 11pm and the time that me being thrown into the pool was 10.52pm. =.=

i was like struggling for help. i hugged the pole to prevent myself from being pulled off by the jakuns. but failed cause they tickled me! ish! chew lian and seng kiet took off my shoes and socks and wallet and handphone and car key and then threw me into the pool. -.- pity me sial! my contact almost went out of place. haha!

i think almsot everyone there kena thrown into the swimming pool except for 3 girls which were vivien, tian xin and su peng. reason from vivien was because she was having period. -.- reason from tian xin was she dun wanna get wet. and finally reason from su peng was she dun want her hair to get wet as her hair just got a set up today. LOL!

other than being thrown into the pool, we started pinching each others' tits! it was painful but kinda itchy either! haha. we were like chasing each others and pinching their tits! although this was kinda insane, but it was fun! haha~

then, i dunno who came up with this idea. we had gang bang on everyone! let me describe the gang bang! all guys catch a person and place him on the floor. then, 4 of the people will each catch his limps. after that, the others will pinch the tits and use the legs to step on the person's private part. -.- in the end, the person will be thrown into the swimming pool after he suffered kao kao! sounds sick ryte? but the process was damn freaking interesting and nice! xD

everyone kena except for me. phew. cause i was wearing my jeans and t-shirt which they couldn do those to me. lol. oh oh! let me introduce you something. zjen thak can be a good vibrator. LOL! he put his feet on everyone's private part and stepped and vibrated. everyone who kena screamed for help! haha. then, end of the process, i heard this from a few guys: omg omg. my flag is rising. i think halfway already. i was like: wteff? haha.

just recalled, i climbed out from the pool for about 7-8 times. being pushed by jakuns like idiots.
-.- now i am so exhausted wei. haha.

omgosh! i will be having physics test in several hours time. but i haven studied yet but still blogging here. gotta go and dun have to sleep dy! haha! tata~

stick girl
Tuesday, May 12, 2009, 9:11 PM
another busy day. such hectic day i had today. well, today i had undergone 8 hours lectures. haha! but actually not. cause went for some 1 on 1 versus and finally won someone. this person can only be describe with 3 alphabets. U to the C to the M which is the UCM. everytime i will provide surprises for him. ;)

i just realise i got a lame friend. -.- although she is currently 19 years old, which is 1 year older than me, she is LAME but QUITE funny larh! haha. oh oh! not to forget, i always bully her like nobody's business. haha! why? this is because she give me the feeling that i MUST irritate her only i will feel pleasant. LOL!

let's have a look at the conversation below.

chynwoei: are you going to tmr's post mortem?
stick: yeah! you?
chynwoei: not sure yet. still thinking.
stick: why not? come la. aiyoyo!
chynwoei: i got no college tmr. if i go, then i have to drive.
stick: drive la. lazy!
chynwoei: what?! you come and fetch me la!
stick: can! i call no 11 bus to fetch you.
chynwoei: huh? no 11 bus? what's that?
stick: OMG! you dunno what's no 11 bus?
chynwoei: dunno la. what's it?
stick: your leg la.
chynwoei: -.-? wth? i dun get you.
stick: when your legs stand straight, they look like 11.
chynwoei: =.=" wth?
stick: brb. i go shower first.
chynwoei: okay. sure. take your time.


that was the end of the conversation which shows the lameness of stick girl. (li zhe, know who she is ryte? haha!)

p.s. sei sherine! pushed my head and kena the edge of the door. almost went into coma. -.- you will get it one day! ngek ngek ngek~

Monday, May 11, 2009, 8:54 PM
i hate jam! not the jam for bread but traffic jam. -.-

i had lots of homework waiting for me to finish them up. but, once my mom asked me whether could i help her to pick up my sister from tuition centre, i just accepted the request without thinking twice. haha. why? well, release stress. recently too much stress. lol.

on the way to the tuition centre, goshness! lots of cars. -_- and this is the first time of me driving to this place for picking up my sister. i waited for her like 15 minutes. ish! i suppose to be angry. but, further thinking, my parents and elder sister always waited for me just like what i was waiting. so, kinda calmed down after all. haha!

then, drove home. again! traffic jam! and it was much much much worse than the previous one. grrrr! i dun care. just cut here and there and cut left and right and almost bang a motorcyclist. haha. but who cares. :P

reached home. rushed for dinner and returned to my room-sweet-room to blog, which is right now. haha. after this, i will have to type out a comment on the rural service in pahang for the mca. then, i will continue my work which is finishing up my calculus 2 homework and others.

such a hectic life, huh? but i think everyone's one is the same. *let's drooool~*

p.s. li zhe, envy my cool pose? :P you can't do it FOREVER! see that? FOREVER! haha.

Sunday, May 10, 2009, 4:35 PM
mom, happy mother's day! & i love ya! xoxoxoxo

sorry that i did not give you anything like my other sisters. but, to me, everyday is mother's day. so, dun worry. respect and love will be showered on you all the time. ;)

not to forget, happy mother's day to all responsible mothers in the world! all the best to you people! whoo!

finally, i am awake. i am sure with the feelings. if i am not mistaken, this one is infatuation. ngek ngek ngek. so, sorry for it. i still prefer the previous one. erm, well, how could i explain? i didn tell you as i dun think you will want to know or anything else. so, nah.

sorry if you think you're being cheated, but, actually, i did not and you dun have the feeling anymore either. you didnt tell me but i can sense it. haha. my instinct. *wink* i just prefer the previous one as i still care what she does and stuffs. so, tata to the infatuation.

however, most important is my CGPA! grrrr! i needa catcha in this. sob.

lazing again
Saturday, May 9, 2009, 6:08 PM
yawn! woke up at 11+am today. got wake up call from hui ling. haha. but being tired, i ended the convo fast and went back to bed.

however, couldnt get into sleep once woke up. so, i went out for lunch at 12+pm with sisters. after that, i started to procrastinate. i played l4d and chatting. or else i will be lying on my bed and take a nap. haha!

around 1+pm, i started to be famished. =/ so, i drove out to the 7/11 to buy twisties. it's chicken flavour!! woohoo! nice nice! on my way home, i saw 2 cute little puppies. lol! so, i parked the car at the side and went down from the car.

the 2 puppies kept hiding themselves behind the motorcycle. while i was playing with them, a female dog came. i gave her some twisties. she finished and then she came to me again. i gave her another half again. once again, she came to me once she finished. i just couldn't stand her. i threw the left over at the side for her to finished.

the 2 puppies, which i think they're the child of the female dog, went forward to eat the twisties too. but the female dog pushed them away. then, the brown puppy wanted to get milk from the mom, but the female dog growled him away. =.=

i was wondering what kinda mother is this. well, i am glad to have a mom who loves me a lot, shelters me all the time and provides me all the best. mom, i dunno what can i say, but i can only say 'i heart you'. ^.^

omg! damn cute! x)

i dunno what is he biting. =/

the black puppy which is the more active one. -_-

the puppy brothers ^~^

ah hah! i saw you bullying! x)

way of lazing is just like me. xD

emo-ing there pulak. -.-

what are you whispering to his ear? ;)

then, my laptop was facing some problems. -.- luckily now it was mostly solved. just a little problem not done only.

i fetched my sisters to tuition and then went back home. during this journey, i drove freaking fast. erm, maybe you can relate it to the 2 fast 2 furious. haha. i cut to left lane and then to the right lane and left and right anf left and right and finally home. ;p

driving is part of the events for me to release anger. mun wai and li zhe know that.

mun wai saw the way i drove before. it kinda freaked him out as the way i drove was damn freaking dangerous. but i drove hat way because i got the confidence. haha!

li zhe is the one who will know the way i drove the most and the clearest! haha! once, he almost got heart attack but he just remain silence. till i asked him then only he told me that i terrified him. try to ask him what happened that time at the roundabout near inti college subang jaya if you're curious. LOL!

this is the story of the day~ yawn!

everything is cleared
Friday, May 8, 2009, 11:56 PM
finally, everything is solved. all explanations are given.

i am a person who dun really like to explain or give reasons for what i did. so, sometimes, lots of misunderstandings happen.

this made me recalled of what happened on this 5 months time.

first case, you disappointed me. you dun believe me. but it was my mistake too. i dun have the courage to explain to you. but it wasnt that easy to tell you the reason why i did that. because it's just way too hard. so, it ended up that you're angry at me for taking that action. you ignored me for a period. after that, you're fine with that. but i think there is definitely a barrier between us. however, i still didnt voice out my explanation. it's like so long and it will be pointless if i explain it now. so, just let it be in the past.

second case, i am sorry that i didnt believe you. well, there are just too many rumors about you. and it is so coincident with those that you did to me. so, it is hardy for me not to believe those rumors. i dunno whether are you telling me the truth. or are you lying to me. but as a friend, i will choose to believe you. hopefully you know what you're doing and if you did it wrong in the past, change your behaviour and be the right one you suppose to be. that's all i can say to you.

wakaka! this post sounds so emo-ish wei! but nah. i just love to nag. cause i got nothing to blog about today. -.-" since everything is solved, i will be contented and i can focus on my studies now. HOPEFULLY. haha!

this is the picture i sent to mei yue and chia chia >.<

the stick
Thursday, May 7, 2009, 8:55 PM
fernie, happy sweet 19th birthday!

although you're 19 years old, but yet still like a kid to me. very adorable and funny. haha! let me comment on you.

the first time i met you was in my calculus 1 class. you seem to be sweet, pretty, nice anda kind girl. but nah. you're quite naughty. lol. you came and told me that you're the president of basketball club and i believed you. then, i passed the basketball competition form to mr amir at the student service department and i met you agian with chew lian. you gave me that yam smile. -.- after a few weeks later, only i knew that you cheated me. you arent the president of basketball club.

after i entered stact club, i met you again. you teased me about the president of basketball club. -_- you annoyed me a lot. i do annoy you like how you annoy me. well, anyway, it's glad to know you. i do enjoy bullying you too although you're 1 year older than me. lol!

once again, happy birthday, fernie khor!

fernie, 生日快乐! (so adorable!)

she was too happy!

a sweet smile from her! =)

make a wish~

blow the candle off!

eat cake also wanna pose. -_-
the sweet couple

corine lui lui and stephanie

i finally have a picture with corine lui lui ^~^

i like this picture the most. ;D

bye bye bye bye bye bye
Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 11:02 PM
5th May 2009 was jackie's farewell party. he will be studying mass com in kdu college. he changed his major from mechanical engineering to mass com. it's sad that he leaves inti college subang jaya.

there will be less fun without him. pool wont be that fun anymore. cause no one will be teaching me. sob! haha. cs wont be that challenging anymore. cause no more headshot for me from jackie. HAHA!

anyway, jackie, take care and do visit us frequently. at least 7 times a week. :P lol! enjoy yourself in kdu college!

being lazy to upload the pictures as there are too many, please proceed to:


if you're interested in viewing the photos.

stact club rural service 5
Monday, May 4, 2009, 10:40 PM
these are the left over pictures that were not posted in the previous posts of stact club rural service. ;)

juliet and me. xD

fernie looks very seducing huh? lol.

lol. she's damn cute!

may chong looks so artistic!

taken by stephanie. -_-

from left to right:
back: dunno, charles, mr teh, kok whei, sin yee, li ying, sai yung, dunno
front: vivien, juliet, stephanie, me

another one! ;)

stact club rural service 4
, 10:16 PM
on the 30th april till 2nd of may, a camp was organised. lots of activities are held.

on the last day of the camp, i was in charge of the emcee with my partner may chong for the closing ceremony of the camp. to be honest, this was the first time of me being an emcee. i was like so nervous because YBs will be coming. gosh! that time, i was like so tension. i felt so nervous. the whole emcee part was screwed up due to my gan jiong-ness as when there were some changes. sorry, may chong.

well, may chong is a nice girl. one night before the day, i sat down with her in the canteen while the others are being at a place for the heart-to-heart talk. together we discussed the script for the emcee talk. but actually she was the one who did all the work. haha! then, we had a great chat. she is very straightforward! haha! i like it! lol.

after the emcee, all of us gathered in the canteen and had lunch with our respective groups. omg! my group members didnt even know that i am one of their group leaders. -.- then i asked them why they took pictures with me a few days ago if they didnt know that i am their group leader. their reason was they just wanna take picture. -.-"

before everyone left, some of them took pictures with me with their phones. and i just told them to bluetooth to me. and my camp t-shirt was scribbled till cannot be wore out next time. -.- because they requested to draw on my shirt.

by the end of the day, i have a nai nu (budak perempuan susu). lol. cause she calls me nai ba (bapa susu) =.= and i was so pai seh as most girls who took pictures with me called me mei nu ge ge. i felt like slapping them. they say i looked prettier than girls in the pictures. gosh! and they say i look like a girl if i have long hair. -__-

the group of 'fire'

taken by 'i dunno who'

this girl is shin chia

she requested for another one. ;)

this is hui lee, fernie's and su peng's kai mei

she wanan take another one as previous one was blur

she is bao ying.

and this guy is chee leong. x)

chi ching, who started calling me mei nu ge ge. -_-"

the 2 emcees of the day. ;D

mei yue from li zhe's group

picture sent to me by mei yue thru mms

this is another one.

and this is the final one. xD

chia chia sent this thru mms too.

mei yue and chia chia requested to exchange pictures. so, i did send them 1 picture of mine too. a fierce looking one. xD haha! which both of them gave different comments. but not gonna be typed out here. saved in phone. LOL!

stact club rural service 3
, 9:49 PM
during the stact club rural service in kampung mentakab, pahang, we had a trip to enjoy the elephants' performances. i dunno where was the place as i slept in the bus because i was not feeling well as i got rashes on my back because i stayed up too long in helping others clearing the bushes and grass and leaves. haha!

however, when we reached there, we were late. so, we could only take pictures with the elephant. but i didnt camwhore that day. lol. i was like being aware of my surrounding. there are lots of big big red ants. dun see that i am much more bigger size than ants, but actually i am most afraid of ants. they just freak me out. -.-

we did take some group pictures and i became part of the photographers. woohoo!

first picture i took: fernie trying to approach the elephant

she did it. ;)

and a peace sigh from her. haha

this is stephanie. xP

now addition of some guys with her.

the family of mine. ;)

maintainence group ^~^

group picture which i am not ready for it. -__-