Monday, November 30, 2009, 12:22 AM
the feeling is getting stronger.
i am hesitating.
should i do it or shouldnt i?
it's in a week time.
i think i will do it.
good luck to me.

the return
, 12:19 AM
hello. the simple first word to start the post.

i just came back from the stact club 20th community service motivation group penang & perak 3 days 2 nights trip. it was an awesome one. i'll blog about it soon.

i will blog about the genting trip too asap.


the house
Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 12:48 AM
for the opening ceremony of the camp, a house is needed for the particular event. so, yi xin and i who are in charged of the event had to work hard to build the house today. we finally made the structure of the house. it was not an easy task.

then, we're lack of some materials. so, king told us to go to popular bookshop to get our materials. yi xin and i drove to sunway pyramid and the whole buying process just took us 15 minutes. however, we were given an hour time to complete our task. so, we had extra time and we went walking around the mall.

some pictures update.

so cute wei


she looks so cute and funny. LOL

Monday, November 23, 2009, 11:59 PM
i was supposed to reach inti college by 10 in the morning for the stact club preparation. however, all the 3 cars were being used. so, i needa wait till afternoon then only i could get a car to drive to college. so, i reached college at 2pm and i started the preparation of my events.

my partner, yi xin was dicussing with me about the opening ceremony matters

we ended the preparation by an hour earlier as we needa rush to sunway pyramid to catch the movie of 2012. overall, the movie was quite awesome. just that the one who was sitting beside me, yi xin slept as the duration of the movie was so long and she had watched it once.

stact club 20th community service motivation group (jeff tan was absent)

after the movie, ah cai, felicia, yi xin, king and i headed to ss24 in pj as yi xin wanted to try the taiwan sausage which was kept being mentioned by ah cai and king. i was involved in the eating too and all thanks to ong yi xin.

my tongue and mouth were numb. i couldnt control the movement as usual. it seemed like the muscles of theirs had shrink up. hahaha. then, my lips were swollen too. damn god. well, there's a video for the whole taiwan sausage eating process uploaded in facebook.

dinner time in ss24 and the only picture taken

here's another funny conversation:
ah cai: woi, remember to go to seven eleven yeah!
me: oh. my stomach is fine what.
king: hahahaha!
(king, ah cai and felicia were getting into the car)
ah cai: remmeber to buy that yeah!
me: huh? buy what?
yi xin: go go go! come, i tell you! they wanna call you to buy condom larh.
me: ._.
(walked back to their car)
me: oi, wth! you guys!
king: lol. why is your thinking so innocent!
me: ...

well, we broke up and i fetched yi xin home. we talked in the car for quite a long duration. our topic got more interesting till she still sat in the car to continue the conversation. hahaha!

it was a great day.

third working day
Sunday, November 22, 2009, 11:14 PM
today was the third day and also the final day of the work.

i did achieve my target which is 70 contacts. i managed to obtain more than 90 contacts but i gave some contacts to wilson as he was just being at the border line of the target.

i got to know a new friend. she's huey yih and she's currently 16 years old. she's quite a shy girl. she just answered my questions and then she kept quiet. hahaha. but she sounds very hyperactive in sms. i only got to know her when the health fair had ended. she was with her little brother who is at the tender age of 6. we talked to each other and got to know each other better. she's a cute and shy but mature girl. haha.

let's have some pictures talks.

before work

camwhored in inti college level 1 male washroom

during work

nymyan and i

sok yik and i

after work

christine and i

after working, wilson had asked nymyan and sok yik to join us for yam cha session. we had this session at old town in kepong area. we fooled around and had lots of tete-a-tete. it was a great yam cha session.

the most hilarious conversation throughout the chat:
nymyan: i suck in directions one.
wilson: then do you know where's selangor?
nymyan: dunno. where's it?
we: *burst into laughters.*
me: omg. nymyan, you're damn funny.
sok yik: yeah lorh.
nymyan: then where's selangor?
wilson: selangor is a state where you're situated right now.

in old town

then, wilson fetched them back home and me to subang to get my car.

it was really an exhausting day. toes were aching as i wore leather shoes. i did wear the instructed attires which were formal clothes. lab coat was needed too. haha.

in conclusion, i gained working experience. finally, i do know that money is not easy earned

picture of the day

second working day
Saturday, November 21, 2009, 9:15 PM
another working day.

i was informed to wear formal attires as short sleeves button working shirt, black long pants and leather shoes. however, i did not wear like this as i knew that my boss would not turn up today. hahaha.

anyway, i was given the target of getting 50 contacts as mentioned in the previous post. i succeeded and same goes to wilson. i dunno how many did he manage to get but i got 62 contacts in total. so, i just handed up 52 and kept the extra 12 contacts for the next day. hahaha! i know it is bad to cheat but it's useful once in a while and it did not harm anyone either.

in the second day, i managed to know more people. i am much more explored to the system of the health fair.

well, i also needa thank some of my friends from other booths for helping me to provide their information in order to raise the amount of contacts that i had.

btw, i just knew some new friends again. let me extend the length of this post by introducing these friends of mine.

christine. she's 22 years old. she's in charged of giving out flyers about the advantages of vinegar. i always went to her booth to drink the vinegar samples. haha. she and her colleagues always provide me the samples whenever i pass by their booth. they also help me up in filling up my survey forms. christine did give me some free samples which were the fructose packets. she's such a nice friend.

ah xiang. he's 17 but a form 4 student. he's at the same booth with christine. he came down from penang to help his cousin in the booth. i had a great talk to him and he told me to inform him when i'm going to penang for trip as he would treat me char kuey teow. hahaha! he said he would be the one cooking for me. he's such a great friend.

shiew wee. she' 21 years old. she's situated in the same booth with ah xiang and christine too. she would be the one kept providing me the food and vinegar samples to me. so, i would not need to worry whether i'll die due to exhaustion or because of being thirsty. haha.

yoyo. she's 23 years old. she's exactly similar to jane who i had mentioned in my previous post. haha! she looked like a 20-year-old teenager to me. she had been working for 6 years and currently she's working as a sales advisor. she's a funny girl. she told me to get her at 2pm so that she could help me to fill up the survey form but i did not as i was having lunch at that time. then, i met her back at 6pm and she filled up that time. after that, we chat for quite a long time. i laughed when she said this: 'hey, give me your phone no since we talk lots although we just meet today.' lolness!

nymyam. she's a form 4 student which means she's 16. she worked as a promoter of the beds which enhance our body health. she's quite petite and she does not talk much. but she's fierce. although she's pretty small in size, her whacks were painful and they felt like needles poking. lol.

sok yik. she's nymyan's friend and 16 this year too. she's talkative and she always insults me. this made me showing her my speechless and expressionless face to her. overall, she's friendly and cheerful. haha!

tmr's target would be 70. i really hope that i can make it.

first working day
Friday, November 20, 2009, 11:54 PM
today was the first day of me stepping into the world of working. the venue was hall at level 4 of the pwtc. working is not an easy job of what i had been having on my mind for these 18 years. the idea that i'm having now regarding working is abstract. no description for this matter.

let's begin the journey of my first day of working.

i drove to college and parked my car there. as promised, i drove at the speed of 60 km/h. however, i feel bad to lie. that was the speed when i was leaving my housing area. LOL! i drove faster than that speed after that. sorry, but i did do drive with that speed at least.

speed vow

wilson picked me up fro college and we headed to pwtc. we left at 8.30am and reached our destination around 9am. it was quite a quick ride.

we started working at 10am. our job sounds easy but as a newbie like me, it was tough and complicated. let me describe it. we were instructed to give out the rm135 vouchers to the people. but before giving out, we needa get their contacts and information. giving out the vouchers is easy but not getting their personal details one. people will listen to you when you provide free stuffs but escape when you wanna obtain their information. some worried it's a prank. some worried they would be rang up for those events. some totally ignored you like nobody's business.

in addition, i finally see the true side of the society. due to cash and business, no mercy and politeness but only uncivilized humanity. sorry to insult the human beings although i'm one of them but this is an undeniable fact.

you'll know through these incidents.

let's see this first case.
me: miss, are you interested in this body checkup?
man A: hey, you boy, come here, you cant see me doing business here isit? you wanna give out all these materials, get back to your stall.
me: oh. okay. i'm sorry.
(i was trying hard not to be pissed as i am a bad tempered person. however, i'm working, so, i needa get conditioned in the situation)

here's another case.
wilson: hey, mr, have a look at this brochure. it's about ...
man B: cant you see i'm holding many brochures and yet you're asking me for more. you want me to die due to the stack of brochures isit?
wilson: sorry, mr.

one more case again.
man C: can you people dun stand here? people (himself) are doing business here and you're just grabbing off their opportunities of succeeding in getting a business.
wilson, jane & me: okay. (walked off)

the last case, we're sitting on a bed which was being promoted and being allowed to sit and lie on it. there it goes.
man D: so, how's the bed?
jane: not bad.
me: quite comfortable.
man D: since you guys say so, then i'll have my resit book out, okay?
jane & me: we're not buying.
man D: then can you guys leave? dun waste the space and time.
jane & me: okay. (walked off)

disappointed. depressed. incredible.

jane. it was her first time working in such job too. she looks young to me. before she revealed her age, she was 20 to me. however, it was not but she's 26 years old. she would be working for today only as she's just doing charity work. she came at 1pm and left at 6pm. haha! she's a nice girl. we couldnt stop talking to each other. she's currently working by publishing articles and drafts about feng shui. she told us that she got a bf the next day once she obeyed the feng shui rules related to those relationship matter. anyway, her relationship life is seriously and extremely arousing curiosity. the current one, she's still thinking whether she should break up with him as he's too horny. hahaha! i couldnt stop laughing! i only had a picture of her. in my opinion, she looks like richard's gf, jasmine or maybe vivien who is my kai jie.

jane the sleeping beauty

jane, we'll go yam cha one day. your birthday is coming soon. but, however, i wouldnt know whether i could make it or not to go yam cha with you on your birthday. if wilson and i can make it, do remember to bring your horny bf and introduce him to us. hahaha!

tmr, i needa wear a more formal attire with lab coat. i needa achieve the target of 50 contacts by myself. wilson and i only managed to obtain 22 contacts today, not each of us but the addition of ours.

good luck, tan chyn woei.

picture of the day

, 11:38 PM
mei mei, i'm glad that you're feeling better currently. dun get upset and emotional and down as it's not the end of the world including the world of yours. so, cheer up, always. and thanks for the blue monster. wtf.

here's a funny convo:
me: meow~
xxx: meow meow meow meow meow
me: what does that mean?
xxx: i think i miss you
me: LOL!

wow. i do have an admirer. i have only one, dun jealous. lmao.

anyway, i found out something. haunting is a kitten. LOL!

the eyes
, 12:29 AM
one said that my eyes are shining.
they are just like the anime one.
my eyes were considered as the innocent type.
which cannot attract girls.
it's such a sad case.
however, this is funny.

eyes are the attraction but i fail in it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009, 11:08 AM
no latin dance class for a month. the addiction is returning.

last night, i was chatting with amanda. well, for your info, she had been transferred to sunway college due to the scholarship matter. it had been ages that i had not met her. i think approximately 3 months?

college life and relationship of hers are managed well. everything is going fine.

i pretty miss her as she was my latin dance partner. she always claimed that i am a lousy dance partner and i did the same thing too. honestly, she was much better than me in cha cha. haha. because she learnt cha cha before she attended the latin dance class. that's so unfair. due to short term memory, most of the time, i couldnt remember the dance steps. aiks.

however, amanda was pretty confused in the rock and roll. hahaha. i always laughed at her when she did mistakes in this dance. although we teased each other lots, in my opinion, she's the dance partner who i can cooperate the best with during the latin dance.

amanda, when to dance? (:

the only picture

Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 11:01 PM
i had finally got through the whole process.
you would never ever exist again.
sorry to say so.
it was not a failure to dodge.
but it was a triumph.
life's still moving on.

anyway, ah wong, all the best in your spm examination. good luck.

Monday, November 16, 2009, 6:47 PM
5 years later, we shall meet in inti college.
it's our promise.
no one will ever wonder what's gonna happen to us within these 5 years.
promise shall be fulfilled.

5 years of promise.

down down down
Sunday, November 15, 2009, 5:53 AM
6 in the morning.

i just watched '30 days of night'. it's quite an interesting and awesome movie. well, for your information, it's about trapping in a town where there's no day light for 30 days and needa get yourself survived from being eaten up by the vampires. it can be said to be the most terrifying vampire movie ever made.

then, i played poker with natalie. we played and had tete-a-tete through msn. my chips in poker kept reducing as i did not have the patience and i just keep all-in for every matches. hahaha! well, poker is just part of my entertainment.

natalie thought i was feeling down and she asked me for the reason. i told her that i got no gf and that's why i'm down. hahaha! so, nut, really do introduce the sister to me although she has a bf. lmao. maybe it can be done as what you said as in we go out for a movie together. hahaha. i sounded so desperate.

wong cheng yau or ah wong, please do cheer up but not getting emo. it's just spm. have the trust in yourself and me. you surely can make it. just cheer up as ah tan dun like to see ah wong being upset. just try your best shot and definitely you'll pass with flying colors in spm examination.

it's late or maybe early. i shall go to bed. toodles.

steamboat party
Friday, November 13, 2009, 11:19 PM
i just came back from a steamboat party which was organized by beverly and fion. the venue was beverly's house in klang.

i was pretty late to reach her house. if i'm not mistaken, i was the last one. well, i had tried my best by driving the crv at the speed of 140km/h. and this was my first time driving to klang alone.

we had steamboat for dinner. basically, i had dinner before leaving to this party. so, i didnt eat much during the party. in addition, i got a little phobia towards steamboat as on the previous trip, which was the genting trip, we had steamboat for dinner. the steamboat was kinda rojak which made me feel quite uneasy.

currently, my fingers are still hurting. well, it was burnt by the hot boiled prawns as i used my fingers to peel off the skins once the prawns were lifted from the hot soup. fingers were burnt till they turned red. omgosh.

i left earlier as i stay pretty far from klang and i needa pass some stuff to friend in sunway. so, i sped even faster than previous. the speed was 150km/h? haha. but it was crv. so, i could speed.

pictures were not taken during the steamboat party and so, no pictures for this post. ;D

, 5:07 AM
it's 5am currently and i'm still widely awake.

i still left 3 genting trip videos to upload. however, i couldnt stand it anymore as each video took me at least an hour to upload. so, after uploaded 6 videos, i went down to have some food.

i had a packet of tom yam maggee and 4 pieces of toasted bread with peanut butter. my famished stomach was finally filled up. haha.

yi xin smsed me and told me that she just reached home. wth? well, she went for outing with king and ah cai. they were playing pool while she was just sitting beside watching while smsing me. pity her. haha.

well, now, i should go to bed. good night and sweet dreams.

serious talk
, 2:55 AM
it was quite shocking when natalie had a serious talk with me.

natalie: i am also shy.
me: haha. me too, actually.
natalie: haha. yeah i know. you wont speak to someone until that person speaks to you! lol. actually you are quite an introverted person and you have your matured side. although you always play around, i can see sometimes your thinking is quite matured. it depends on the time, like when you play, you play hard. when it comes to serious matters, you think twice before you do. realize that?
me: i'm unsure about my maturity. but it's definitely true that i'm shy. haha. and i'm pretty shocked as you're being so serious out of a sudden. LOL.
natalie: lol.

well, natalie is a nice friend. we do talk lots and share our problems. well, basically, mostly are her problems. hahaha! it's great to have her as my friend.

break time
, 2:11 AM
i just came back from a genting trip yesterday. it could be considered as the best genting trip that i have had this year. i would update a post about the trip asap.

i am chatting with natalie currently. she's showing me one's sister's photos and asking me for feedback. hahaha. then, she gave the idea of me going after this girl.

i was thinking, well, it could be a great idea. HAHAHA! i couldnt stop laughing when natalie proposed this idea to me. well, this girl is 22 years old. her look is pretty not bad. in other words, she could be said to be above average. haha.

natalie, let's intro. LOL!

an update
Sunday, November 8, 2009, 3:46 AM
haunting, sorry for the late update.

this post was located on the 6th november.

i was watching 'the haunting of sorority row'. it's not sorority row. it's quite nice but it's not horrifying at all. maybe one scene does. haha!

eng-teng smsed me to call her as she's having so emotional problem. on the phone, she was crying but laughing. she's always like that since form 5 which was the year i started to get close to her. she just broke up with her bf and shes having her a level examination currently. so, it pretty affected her emotional and studies. i didnt know what to say as i suck in consoling ppl.

then, i chatted with huan ting. i knew her through facebook. basicaly, i met her during the help inter-college latin dance competition. then we started to talk to each other in facebook. she claimed that my blog posts are way too detailed. haha. so, we chatted about our past as it was part of the pathway to understand each other well or maybe known as the way to begin a conversation.

let me describe about her. she's skinny and pretty fragile. she would cry while watching horror movies and she did cry while she played the space out in genting and her friends laughed their asses off. but at least she had the courage to have a try. unlike me, i never dare to play the space out. the reason i gave her was i worried that i would die up there and she laughed. last but not least, she like ppl calling her haunting instead of huan ting. so, i would start calling her haunting.

currently, i am just done with the stact club proposals. my partner, ben has quit himself from stact club. so, yi xin would be partnering with me for camp opening ceremony and michelle will cooperate with me for camp closing ceremony. we made a great job and we carried out everything perfectly. so, the proposals are done and they would propose to king tmr as i couldnt attend for tmr's training.

joey aka bamboo fong, i'm sorry that i made you waited till 3am. i thought you were just joking about waiting for me to finish my proposals. and you seriously waited. haha. anyway, thank you.

i'm listening to those stact club community service songs. while listening, i am chatting with yi xin. she got emotional again due to her personal reason. it's not pleasant to reveal it here. not only chatting, i am dancing along the songs played on the bed. hahaha!

one taught me to use my heart in handling every element in my life and happiness could be obtained even though it is just a small matter. i finally understand this statement. thank you.

right round
Saturday, November 7, 2009, 11:25 PM
i just woke up from a short nap. currently, my neck injury got worse and i couldnt even lift or turn my head. let's start the story and you would know what had happened. i should start it from the very early morning.

i was sleeping. michelle called at 7am. i picked up her phone call and i went back to sleep again. then, chai yee called at 7.15am but it was a miss call. wth wei. and yi xin called at 7.30 am and i did answer her call. i couldnt sleep anymore and i just got myself prepared for the stact club training. 3 wake up calls in a row. it was pretty awesome. haha.

i was not the last one for today, i reached college at 8.45am. however, king and ah cai were late. we had our breakfast together in asia cafe. chai yee ordered the food for me as i got no idea what to eat.

we had our dance practises among our group members. then we went for lunch. i took this very cute picture of michelle. hahaha! oh yeah, we had our lunch in mac D. grab a look at that adorable michelle.


then, we had dance practise with all the members. it was a great one as everyone got so hyperactive once again and danced along with us. actually, yi xin was the one in charged of 'xi shua shua'. but i had no idea why it ended up that i was the on teaching. so, nvm. i just taught them. sorry for taking you as the example of the wrong posture, yi xin. hahaha!

after the dances, i left early with mingke. i gotta fetch her to the crocodile farm for dodge ball as promised. fion was waiting for me to fetch her for dodge ball too. so, we left college together.

i did not participate myself in the dodge ball training as i was really exhausted. as i slept at 4am in the day before. so, i just sat there and watched the others playing. i left once the rain started.

then, this happened.

when i was driving to this junction where it's a split road. one pathway to sungai buloh and another to kuantan. out of no where, the lorry which was located behind my car at the left side banged the left back of my car. my car went spinning for 180 degree. then, the back of my car banged the car which was in front of me perviously. not only that, the lorry once again banged the right front side of my car.

i was lucky as i just injured my neck. it was quite a severe one. i did not break or fracture my neck bone but i sprained it. i had injured my neck 2 days ago and it had not been recovering. and now this car accident caused the injury to be worse.

i was lucky too because i was stepping on the brake during the moment instead of the accelerator. well, during car accident, i was not tension or terrified. i had no idea. i was still calm in handling the situation. i exerted more force on the brake and when the car was spinning and moving horizontally, i pulled the handbrake and turned my car to a direction which the lorry wont head towards me instead of the side of my car.

the impact was pretty gigantic. during the spinning, i was sticking my head to the headrest and my right elbow was pushing myself against the window. i was seriously lucky. it might turn out to be a death car accident.

i was lucky enough. so, i was not really that furious that the lorry driver escaped. but i was pretty pissed off that the police told me that the cctv which was located there was not functioning. what the heck? then what for having the cctv there? everything was settled in the police station in pj.

currently, i could not lift or turn my head. so, i couldnt make it for tmr's stact club training. yi xin said that she will be bored tmr as i couldnt attend the training. hahaha. i'm sorry, yi xin. but practise your xi shua shua!

the car that i banged when my car was spinning right round

p.s. lucky right round!

move your body
Friday, November 6, 2009, 9:11 PM
another day to college for stact club training again.

michelle rang me up at 9am and then only i got up from my bed. omg wtf damn shit! i was late. i was supposed to reach college concourse by 8.30am but i woke up at 9am. so, i smsed her to tell them that i would be late and they could have their breakfast.

after well prepared, i left home and sped for 140km/h to college. it might be pretty slow to you but it was raining in the early morning. so, i couldnt be driving faster as other cars were slowing down.

we started practising the 6 dances that we were gonna used during the training in the evening. however, after a few dance practices, i got exhausted as i didnt take my breakfast. i slept and watched the others practising.

finally, it was lunch hour! we headed to old kawan cafe to have our lunch. i ordered cantonese rice and it was pretty horrible. however, it fulfilled my starving stomach. haha.

i took some pictures during our lunch.

this is lui lui.

she started calling me mummy since the day she saw me holding a mother's day card. one thing about her, she has a very big appetite. haha. she can eat a lot which some guys including me cant eat as much as she can.

this is felicia yeow.

she's cute and funny. i knew her through the club of ccs. well, she was my moral classmate too. i started talking to her on the day of moral final. we went to snowflakes with a bunch of friends and there she told me the nickname of natalie which is 'nai da li'.

felicia & lui lui

after lunch, we continued our dance practice for an hour. then, we had our training with the other group members. it was an awesome training.

all of us love the phrase 'everybody, move your body!'

tmr, it's the day for 'xi shua shua, xi shua shua, muacks, woo woo' or also known as 'wash brush brush, wash brush brush, muacks, woo woo' in english.

a picture for today

looking forward
, 12:20 AM
there would be a trip to pulau penang, bukit merah & lumut. 3 in 1 trip. it would be held at the end of the month of november.

i'm gonna eat to the max.
i'm gonna flirt to the max.
i'm gonna play to the max.
i'm gonna crap to the max.
i'm gonna camwhore to the max.

p.s. looking forward.

filled up
Thursday, November 5, 2009, 9:08 PM
i got my neck sprained this early morning. i woke up at 6.30am and went to play basketball. however, i just managed to play till 8am as it rained.

after picking up my sisters, i headed to college for stact club motivation group training. however, i arrived college early and thus i went to the cae office to surf the net.

new dance moves are taught and learned. after that, we the motivation group had our dinner together and chit-chatted.

anyway, my dear friend, yi xin, dun get emotional just because of that reason. there are still lots of choices for you to choose. although he walked in and left your life, you still gotta enjoy your life. and enjoy your backache. :D

i'm really exhausted

another day out
Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 10:32 PM
i got to mid valley today again for the job interviews. i went to metrojaya, haagen daaz and starbucks.

metrojaya one needs at least 3 months and above. same goes to the starbucks. for haagen dazs, it's the sunway pyramid one. so, basically, i failed for all these 3 job interviews.

however, i got a new job. it's related to the donation and breast cancer awareness. it's from 20th till 22nd november. this job was introduced by wilson who was my chemistry classmate. he told me that it's a relaxing job as we just sit and take good care of the booth. another friend of mine, huan ting, she said that i might get the chance of helping the ladies to do check up whether they got breast cancer or not. haha. that's hilarious.

another job is from the 10th till 15th december. this job is something like the roadshow. it was introduced by my chemistry classmate too, ah yeap. however, he's still unsure about it too. so, i needa wait for his good news.

getting a job is not an easy task. hard work and determination are needed.

a day out
Tuesday, November 3, 2009, 9:30 PM
by ktm, i arrived mid valley.

i met up with cadence and kah hui. we started our journey. we went for those walk-in interviews. it was pretty a hard task. it was also my first time doing it. so, i just observe how they did it and i did too.

fion came to meet us in the mid valley as beverly was participating in a competition. then, cadence and kah hui went for an interview and i gotta wait for them. so, i walked around the mall alone. i met fion while i was on my way down the escalator.

together, we went to meet up with beverly. she's in a hall with a bunch of girls. some of them are gorgeous. they're pretty and matured looking. we broke up after they had their lunch.

i met up with cadence and kah hui again. we went for more walk-in interviews. starbucks interview would be tmr. so, tmr, i have to go to mid valley again. haih.

a day out.

a picture to enlighten my blog

changing into another pathway
Monday, November 2, 2009, 9:48 PM
i started to change. i realized it myself. i turned into a cold-hearted person. it was just like the previous me. i dunno what the heck had happened. i just treat everyone with a cold heart. maybe not everyone but mostly. warm heart is just for people who treat with their warm heart too.

i'm in love with the song in yeong her's blog. it seems to be a simple and soothing song but a complicated feeling will emerge.

i'll be myself. it's just me walking into another pathway, being the previous person who i was before.


, 1:19 PM
i just finished watching a movie named 'ong-bak'. it is a thailand movie. i thought it would be not an interesting movie. but nah. it's quite a nice one. it's about ancient art of thai boxing. ting, the main character travels all the way to bangkok for having the task of bringing back the headless buddha back to his village. however, it risks his life. awesome movie although i dun understand the thai language and had to keep reading the subtitles.

i'm gonna watch 'ong-back 2' after dodge ball training. thanks mom for buying this kinda dvds which kill all my boredom instead of rotting at home. whee. tmr going to midvalley for those job interviews. it's my first time and let's see how it goes.

good luck and all the best.

chit and chat
, 1:46 AM
i was chatting with yeong her online. it's pretty nice to chat with her. she's a simple girl. you can just talk to her about anything. a funny part of conversation that cheered her up.

yeong her: i'll miss you when i'm leaving to usa.
me: i'll miss your cheeks.
yeong her: chop them down if you want.
me: wah. luckily i didnt say breast. if not you chop them down if i want?
yeong her: hahaha.

cheer up, dun get emo and cry like a 'ku bao'. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009, 6:40 PM
i just watched 'the ugly truth' and 'south park'. i know this is pretty outdated but i didnt have the time previously to watch the movie. 'the ugly truth' is not available in any cinema anymore.

these two movies are in shu boey's pendrive and i borrowed from him and watched them. now, i dunno what should i do. 2 months of holidays. cadence and sze yi gave me the idea of working. i would be interested in it as i had no working experiences before. go ahead laughing if you want but whatever.

cadence decided to work in midvalley. i'm pretty fine with that. i'll go to midvalley next tuesday for an interview in haagen dazz. maybe other than the salary, i could get free ice cream too? haha. well, it's just an interview, it's still unsure whether i could be hired or not due to no working experience.

i want a meaningful holidays. let's get busy. :)