break the fire
Sunday, April 26, 2009, 6:35 AM
i am sorry for what i did last night. i hurt you. i appology for my mistakes. i promise i wont do it anymore. because i know what should i do. just that i need more time.

btw, my friend, you! better cheer up. dun think too much! ignorance is bliss. dun change due to any reason. be the one you are right now and i will be proud of you.

this short post was typed when tan chyn woei was shocked out of bed that he has not even started the emcee talk for the closing ceremony of campfire. gosh!

anata aishiteru! woohoo!

the first know
, 12:00 AM
信洁, 生日快乐!

i think you prefer this kinda of wish ryte? haha!

happy sweet 18th birthday, jocelyn! haha! you're now a 18-year-old girl. this means you have grown up. so, no more looking back to the past but keep looking forward!

let's see, how about telling you my first impression of you to me?

the first time i saw you was the time chew lian passed yor bag to me to take care of it in the cafeteria. so, i think you're close to chew lian. after that, i saw you camwhoring while we were having basketball match. so, i think you like to take pictures as other girls like to do too.

haha. then, we met up during the genting trip too. you're the only girl, but you did mind coming to join us. this shows that you're open minded in this society. then, you are straight forward too. you told me stuffs that i ask you. meanwhile, you are quite complicated to understand too. haha! well, i still remember the question you ask me that what i think about you as a girl. LOLness!

so, 信洁, all the best in your life! good luck and nice to know you.

信洁, 生日快乐!

i choose this picture because i think you like this the most among others. i guess so. lol. ;)

p.s. i wont be around from tmr onwards. so, got anything, sms or call me. i will always be free to pick up your call or reply your sms. my phone number is the one that you have in your hp which you are currently using now. ;D happy holidays, people!

what is gay?
Saturday, April 25, 2009, 11:18 PM
gay? what do you think about this word? what is the first thing that comes to your mind? think properly and answer honestly to YOURSELF! haha.

let's make this a short post too. sorry for the laziness again. no mood wei, you guys please tolerate yea. SORRY, BLOG READERS! hehe!

today, i woke up and saw the clock was showing 9.40 am. i went back to sleep. then i jumped out from bed. OMGosh! i am freaking late for the stact club. i quickly called li zhe to know where he is. he told me that he was still at home. phew. he told me that we can go after 10 am. after i ended the call, i read the sms that i received last night. oh yes. i read the sms wrongly. -.- pai seh~

i reached inti and i parked the car nearby the entrance. i sms li zhe to call me when he reached inti and found my car. then, i went to sleep. out of a sudden, wth! my phone rang. eternal snow~ haha! i like the background music only, mostly. i woke up and i saw li zhe showing me that YAM laugh. he definitely had lots of fun seeing me getting shocked out of the land of Nod. finally, we decided to play truant. we PONTENG! wahaha!suppose we should go for the stact club, but i am damn lazy and tired and no mood. i just skipped and i lied to my leader that i got no transport. sorry, but i just had no mood or interest that time.

li zhe led me to jackie's house. fish him wei! simply bring me "yao cheh ho". lol! but we still reached our destination. the moment we entered jackie's house, my butt got bitten by his black dog. he bit my butt! OUCH! wanna know why? cause jackie gave him the order to do so. so, he fiercely bit my butt. no flesh dy still bit. sob. haha. joking la. but i dunno why he bit me. kakaka!

jakcie and li zhe and i went to IOI mall to shop. i planned to watch 'coming soon' as i had watched the others. but the mall dun have wei. sob. fine! then i decide to play race car in arcade. bad mood ma. wahaha! i played with li zh first. i won! li zhe was like giving me the wtefff face when i won him. haha. then it was jackie's turn. in the last 2 seconds, i won him! that was such a phew-ing moment. haha! sorry, jackie. thanks guys for letting me releasing my stress on the car racing. lol.

we went to eat. we played ps3. i like the graphics lots wei. my eyes went spinning and spinning and spinning and li zhe's eyes went into the dark. wanan know why? cause he closed his eyes. sleeping like a pig on jackie's brother's bed while jackie and i were playing ps3 in his brother's room. not to forget, we camwhored again. recently, too much camwhoring. but nvm, in order to let my blog survive, i had to do so. haha.

after that, li zhe and i went home. we raced like the too fast too furious on the road wei. WAHAHA! and li zhe lost to me. his car is like so canggih but he failed to win me. ngek ngek ngek! sao pei wei, li zhe. lol.

oh oh! not to forget, i banged my car last night. i shoo-ed li zhe off and i settled the whole case myself. lol. bravo ryte, li zhe? ngek ngek ngek! i think i need more practice for car reversing. -.-

let me show you some a few days ago's pictures and yesterday's pictures and then only today's one.

pity li zhe kena raped by jackie. ;D

see! he tried to get away but failed.

cause jackie is stronger. -.-

but li zhe seems happy although being raped. haiz.

sleep time still curi-curi take picture, jackie!!!

li zhe woke up due to the flash.

sweet nya. haha. gay!

li zhe smile while he sleep wei! haha.

nice chest, awww!

haha! actually, we pose for the pictures instead of sleeping.

li zhe said that i look like bunny. -.-

li zhe looks so sexxxay!

take take take!
wooo! see my eye bags. -.-
he refused to drink his milo ais!

haha! i like this pose wei!

li zhe seems so sexy, now only i wonder. *wink*


hello, i am UCM. lol.

omgosh! scared nia~

camwhore with milo ais!

now is li zhe's turn ;)

poser? haha.

i am strong~ :P

i cannot tahan dy. ngek ngek ngek! bleak!

see saw time

i wonder why he likes this pose so much. -.-

okays, fine. i dunno what am i doing

yerrr, i dun like. D=

see! i like red cars! woohoo!

my so call first opponent, wong li zhe.

the back view of his

we are being serious, jackie, dun kacau! ;P

so, he went out and took the picture through this glass

although this looks blur, but i like the effect

nah! they are playing ps3

LOLness wei, look at the way jackie sits. -_-

camwhore time!

another one!

see! just woke up from bed!

i look bald ;(

jackie camwhore! LOL!
li zhe, out of picture pulak! haha.

kiss my lips~!

i dun want this one again wei! haha

haha. jackie imitates li zhe's pose. gosh!


oh oh! btw, i am sorry that i cannot continue to like you. please forgive and forget. haha.

final picture of the day! ;D

craziness on the healed surface
Friday, April 24, 2009, 12:59 AM
i couldnt sleep well. i kept rolling on my bed. finally, i woke up and just get ready for the stact club rehearsal. in the car, lots of stuffs are bothering my peace of mind. soon, i entered the slumberland. i walked in to college and being very exhausted. li zhe was there in the college, waiting for my arrival.

we chat about the events and my feelings about them. thanks, li zhe, for accompanying me and lending me your ears although they are small. haha! after that, a bunch of stact club members came. so, we went to have out breakfast with them.

i was enjoying the sandwhiches for my breakfast. ;P

li zhe looks blur here. LOLness!

btw, li zhe never fails to shut his mouth. HAHA!

the pictures above are captured by this girl. her name is CORINE! i always call her 'vickie' cause they really look alike wei. LOL! she tooks those pictures and then bluetooth to her phone. -.- and then she commented lots lots and damn kao kao about the pictures. ish~

this is corine.

candid shot and she was pissed. xD

after breakfast, we returned to inti college for the rehearsal. it was tiring. but my mind just couldnt stop thinking. the issue was still bothering me. i tried to stop. but i failed. so, eventually, the whole rehearsal day, i was not paying attention. i did lots of wrong mistakes for the performance. i forced myself to smile but i did not do so for some moments.

i purposely stayed back to learn more dancing in order that these annoying issue can leave me alone. but i ended up not learning any dace. haiz. efffff wei! so, i went asia cafe with li zhe to eat. at there, shareen shocked me again. i was eating ice cream that moment and she said that i was timid. wth? can one not get shocked when one tap him from the back and shouted?

after dinner, i went to FTZ with li zhe to play counter strike. sorry, li zhe. i think i did it too harsh to li zhe. i was so so so so so annoyed and being under such such such such big pressure. so, i release all my anger by shooting li zhe's character in the cs. he lost really kao kao to me in all 4 matches. sorry wei. but seriously thanks lots. i felt better afterall.

before we went home, we camwhore. i was shocked. l zhe was like being so hyperactive when i ask him whether he wanna camwhore. so, as a result, we camwhore. haha! enjoy the pictures.

both of us like ice cream a lot wei. haha.

we camwhore once befoe we get down from the car.

we tried to imitate someone. LOL!

we competed to see who has bigger eyes. so, this was the results. lol.

OMGosh, li zhe. gayness? lol.

now, my turn! mwahaha!

li zhe didn know how to climb a tree wei. x)

my turn. bleak!

we tried to act cool before we left. lol!

i felt much more better. but while driving, i suddenly felt the evilness returning back to me. i cut the queue of cars with the speed of 100 km/h in 1 km fasr from my housing area. it was dangerous. but i didn care about it. i just did what i wanna do. i finally reached home. adn then i got more and more stupid and silly issues which annoyed me more and more. but i tried to control. haiz. sigh BIG BIG!

p.s. oh oh! i drank 3 classes of milo ais today, which were for the breakfast, lunch and dinner. haha. i like it lots i heart it! woohoo!