the body
Saturday, October 31, 2009, 7:25 PM
finals finally ended today. sigh of relief was given. chemistry was the last paper for me today. overall, the paper was fine. at least i can get a pass. i wouldnt hope to get a B or higher grade for chemistry as i did last minute study. i was pretty satisfied with what i could answer in that paper.

after the paper, shu boey and i rushed to my car to get to sunway pyramid as fast as we could. this was because we wanna buy 'jennifer's body' tickets. i was unlucky. i didnt pay much attention while reversing my car. so, i got a minor bang on one's car. i gave him my handphone number and he called me after that.

here goes the conversation.

dude: hello, may i know what's your name?
me: erm, jonathan tan?
dude: oh. hi, i'm xxx. (forgotten his name)
me: erm, oh. okay.
dude: it's my first time.
me: oh. okay.
dude: i'll call you if there's anything.
me: oh. okay. bye.

that was pretty random. i dun mind if that's a girl. haha. shu boey did agree with me. that guy is a weird dude.

we reached sunway pyramid and we were informed that we needa buy an extra ticket. damn. i forgot to get some money from mom and shu boey didnt have much money either. so, i called amanda and she didnt picked up. i called chew lian and he said borrow from boyce. so, i just called boyce for it. thank you so much for lending us your money, boyce.

shu boey and i were pretty pissed off as we came to sunway pyramid to buy the tickets while the others went to take their lunch. wtf? fine. then, they were late due to the congested traffic on the road. this caused us for missing the beginning of the movie as we could not enter the cinema before they came.

jennifer's body. this movie was pretty awesome. megan fox's body id freaking hot and sexy. this is undeniable. shu boey, ah yeap and i were drooling. but some scenes were cut off. sigh.

this was a horror movie. however, i enjoyed laughing throughout the whole movie. why? because shu boey kept jerking. he jerked for 6 times and each jerk was getting worse then the previous one. he was also closing his ears during the movie. wtf? haha. he also kept bugging me to switch seats with him as he was afraid to sit at the side. but who cares? haha.

oh yeah. in the cinema, an embarrassing insident had happened. we sat at the wrong seats. our seats were supposed to be at the another end. so, we just ran out from the cinema and got back to our actual seats.

not to forget that ah yeap had brought 2 friends too. a girl and a boy. i dunno what's that boy's name but the girl is joey. hopefully i spelled her name correctly. it just sounded that way. we headed to kfc to have our lunch after the movie. tete-a-tete was carried on during the lunch.

the most hilarious and insulting conversation that we had,
me: let's go ice skating during holidays.
shu boey: yeah yeah. but no girls wei.
ah yeap: yeah larh. no girls.
me: *point at jo wee* just bring her along.
joey: come on. they always treat me as a guy.
me: oh. why? because too flat?
everyone: *burst into laughters*
joey: eh!
me: sorry larh, i was just joking.

after lunch, shu boey and i left. i fetched shu boey to the ktm station and picked mingke up from there too. sorry for making you waited for me for half an hour, mingke. sincerely, i apologize to you.

a few of us were late for dodge ball practice. so, we were punished to run around the court, pumping and sit up. it was extremely tiring as i didnt sleep on the previous night again and i did not have sufficient energy. what i remember was amanda is pretty good in sit up. she did better than me in sit up. salute to her.

after the punishments, hands were trembling and no strength to exert the foce on the ball. well, so, i did play pretty bad today. wait. not pretty bad, it was damn bad. more practices are needed for me in dodge ball.

2 months of holidays. basically, only 1 month for me as nearly a month of the holidays was engulfed by stact club.

now, i should take these holidays time to train my stamina and be prepared for stact club community service.

happy holidays to everyone.

, 2:39 AM
i was pretty shocked to know that my friend had just broke up with her bf. i was sms-ing her and she didnt tell me even a word about the breaking up. but she just mentioned to me that she broke up and told me not to ask for the reason before she left to bed.

it came too sudden. is this a prank or joke once again? i totally have no idea.

life is unpredictable. she was in a very good relationship with her bf. but suddenly they broke up. it's pretty traumatizing. i shall ask her about it tmr.

chemistry test soon in 8 hours time. i got insomnia again as i didnt study a single thing about organic chemistry. so, i had to burn the midnight oil again as usual.

good luck to me in chemistry. hopefully i would do well in tmr's paper. however, it's hopeless as it's too late for it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009, 10:17 PM
fion had been crapping recently.

she was emo last week and i ask her for the reason. she told me that she felt pretty down as she dun have a bf. that was hilarious. i could not stop laughing after listening to her reason.

then, she told me that she had been telling people that she wanna get married. that was seriously a random one and everyone who heard that was speechless, according to her.

she mentioned to me again that she wanna get married while she is currently studying. she said that she wanted to marry a pig. haha! i'm a pig, well, this nickname was given by rhae yaenn as she claimed that i sleep for most of my time.

so, i teased fion by asking her whether she wanna marry me as i am pig. well, definitely she rejected. i think this made her speechless and awkward. haha. it was serioiusly a hilarious and funny conversation.

fion, dun think too much about marriage. isnt it too early for you to think about it? haha.

sorry for dedicating this post for you.

, 8:58 PM
sorethroat is not fully recovered yet. throat is itching irritatingly. i have been coughing non-stop since last saturday. bloody hell.

stomach is aching pretty much every moment that i cough. the more i cough, the more my throat itch.

i wanna stop coughing. i want the itch of throat to disappear.

i just wanna eat to the max after final, seriously. i wouldnt wanna botehr about the obesity or anything. well, basically, i am not obese at all due to high metabolism rate. this is great.

eat eat eat!

, 11:02 AM
i just had my calculus II final.

it was extremely horrible in the difficulty. well, maybe it was quite a tough paper for me as i did not prepare well for the subject. so, i could not blame anyone. i guess this paper was easy for the others.

it is definitely a fail for this subject. whatever. i did not fulfill the vow that i had made towards one. i'm sorry.

chemistry II final is on the saturday. another tough paper. but i gotta take a nap as i did not sleep last night. i got insomnia not because of stress for the calculus paper but unknown reason. this is weird.

i was half-blinded today too as i did not wear my contact lens and not even my glasses. vision was not that good.

sleep time.

mac to the max
Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 7:07 PM
i went to subang jaya mac D drive thru to study instead of studying at home. well, i just couldnt focus on my books at home. going over to the mac D wont help pretty much but at least i could study more than i could do at home.

it was so called a group study but not really as joo was too exhausted and he ditched me at the mac D and went home to sleep. lih jian, bernard and his housemate, ah kiet went back home, not to sleep but they watched football. haha. they turned up not studying anything.

well, at least i studied a chapter of calculus which i did not attend any classes for this chapter and i was lost in it. i finally understand the units in the chapter. thank god.

i swear that i'm gonna eat to the max after my final. eating is part of my hobby. not forgetting the outings and sports.

good luck to people who are having their finals and cheer up to those who are down or emo or having a hard life currently.

the conversation
Tuesday, October 27, 2009, 1:05 AM
a conversation was made just now.

do i look unfriendly or am i a cold-hearted person? i mean as my first impression to you. maybe i am. well, i dun talk to one unless he or she starts to talk to me. i only respond when one talks to me. i guess i'm partial unfriendly.

the next thing, will a girl reject a guy just because he has dry lips? this is the most hilarious reason i had ever heard. i couldnt stop laughing. it was seriously funny which made me burst into laughter. gosh.

final is just around the corner. however, i still dun have the mood to study. i burn the midnight oil not to study but to surf online. this sounds insane but i am doing it currently which is blogging.

good luck.

Monday, October 26, 2009, 4:11 PM
i should not have read it.

i regretted.


, 3:59 PM
i miss the life in mentakab.

there were lots of happenings there. browsing through those photos taken, sometimes, there would be surprises in the photos. as photos are part of memories as mentioned previously.

mentakab, i shall visit you one day.

those days
, 2:41 PM
today, i was pretty lazy to study. maybe i should say that i had been lazing around for 3 days as i was ill. i got fever and flu and sore throat again. it was just one week before the finals. these made me not having the mood to get prepared for finals.

while i was watching tv just now, i received a sms from an unknown. after chatting for a moment, the unknown is a student from mentakab where i went a few months ago for the rural service organised by stact club.

well, this unknown is chia chia. i had lost contact with her over a period. now, she sms-ed me and we're in touch. i miss those days when i was in mentakab. the people there are much kind and warm hearted compared to the people here. sorry to say so but it is true. not to generalize it, but majorities are concluding it.

charles kai yeh and mentakab friends, vivien and i would be visiting you people soon. we shall meet one day. haha! yam cha!

Saturday, October 24, 2009, 11:07 AM
i am unlucky.

i couldnt talk much.

it's annoying and irritating.


yeap yeap
Friday, October 23, 2009, 3:54 PM
today is ah yeap's sweet 18th birthday. so, we celebrated his birthday at the old town. that was yeong her's idea. so, we just obeyed her. shu boey, sherlyn, yeong her, woei cherng and i are the people.

there goes the celebration of his birthday.

that yeong her told me that we could buy cake from old town. then it ended up a no. so, while the others were ordering their food, yeong her and i went to buy the cake. thanks to her. she's such a joker.

pictures time.

i was preparing the cake outside the old town

the big candle

having the candle on the cake

counting the number of candles

the birthday boy

blows and blows

and he cut the cake

a group picture

couple of the day

my peace sign

yeong her's peace sign


yeong her and i

after that, the others left. yeong her, sherlyn and i went to the 100 yen shop to try the ice blend. they ordered the mango flavour one and i am the one who paid. lolness.

posing with the penguin

yeong her with the penguin

they do look alike

sherlyn and i

yeong her and i

the 3 of us

happy sweet 18th birthday, yeap sze yi!

, 12:40 AM
fion, remember what you did to my hand! haha. luckily there're no scars.

let's comment on the drawing and you would know why i said they are hilarious and funny.

the first one, it looks okay to me. well, it was an emo day for you.

the second one, the hose damn big lorh and you're sitting on it. LOL.

the third one is fine to me too. but you seem happy to be a heartbreaker.

the fourth one, biting people's hand. you drew it till it looks like you're biting one's hand like a drumstick. LOLness wei. and the captions too. meatballs and hair. haha!

the fifth one is funny too due to the caption. wth. leng zhai couldnt get your attention because you felt like stepping on shit. HAHA!

the last one is the mirror part and the hair. HAHA. seriously it looks like yours but it's shorter. haha! and the siao cha bo. i do understand that.

anyway, do get well asap and cheer up. dun get emo over that topic. the fate decides. haha. anyway, fion, i wanna ask you, did you fail your art? LOL!

i got this inspiration from fion

wrong plans
Thursday, October 22, 2009, 11:16 PM
another boring day. well, we just did the same thing as usual. another outing in sunway pyramid. well, this time, the gang was formed by wilson, sherlyn, justin, yeong her, yeap and me.

at first, we wanted to watch pandorum. but we watched inglorious bastards instead. well, this was due to wilson's idea of watching the movie. but gosh. seriously, the movie was damn freaking boring. i slept during the movie. and i couldnt stand it. i went out with yeong her to buy snacks. that was much better. haha.

just a few simple pictures. haha. however, wilson's and justin's one werent taken as they were not sitting with us that moment. they were enjoying their burger king. haha.

ah yeap

yeong her


last but not least, me

after the 2 hours plus movie, we had out lunch at uncle sing's shop. woohoo. i ordered a large one. it was really a big and gigantic one. but i managed to finish it. haha.

i went dodge ball training today. well, yong sheng joined us and glad that he enjoyed it. i used too much strength to throw. damn. arm is aching right now. haha. but i did enjoy dodge ball today. no improvement but just the same.

gosh. i still got 6 chemistry reports to do and the due date is tmr. haih.

just dance
Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 9:02 PM
latin dance class again for today.

fion, beverly and i were the people who attended the class. cheryl didnt turn up as she got replacement class for microecons. well, anyways, the class still went on.

i still dance badly in latin. it's like wtf damn eff-ing confusing. i mean the dance steps. gosh.

well, so what had happened today in the class? my head almost bang fion's head. i almost bang beverly during the dance. my stomach got pinched by beverly. my left hand last finger got a cut by fion's fingernails. i fought with beverly while fion was still dancing with mr william. last but not least, i confused fion and beverly about the dance steps and i exposed all their mistakes. haha.

however, next monday would be the last latin dance class. what a sad news. i want more latin dance classes. i guess i'm addicted to it.

latin dance is addictive.

another time
Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 11:07 PM
i reached college early morning today.

i failed to study for calculus and chemistry quizzes. moreover, i didnt have the mood to study either. haih.

anyway, i went to old town white coffee with sherlyn again. but before that, we went to salmon steak house. i was the only one who ate. well, sherlyn didnt have the appetite to eat due to some reasons. haha.

at the old town white coffee, i ordered a breakfast set. wow. my stomach has a big capacity wei. haha. but well, i love to eat. so, just eat to the max.

the pictures do the talking now.

her potrait taken by me

mhm hmm

sherlyn's hazelnut coffee

cute expression

my old town white coffee

i loooked like puking

damn. i screwed up my calculus and chemistry quizzes today. wtf.

p.s. being serious is a good thing.

Monday, October 19, 2009, 9:14 PM
i lost the hope on you.
you had disappointed me.
you're really not the one that i had thought of.
i would just treat you,
as how you treat me.

the same treatment.

, 9:11 PM
i was pretty stress and down today.

i got bloody low marks for my chemistry make up test II. well, for the test I and make up test I, i wont complain anything for these 2 papers as i didnt even take an effort to study hard. but not for the chemistry make up test II. wtf! i burned the midnight oil for days and that's the marks that i got. wtf! and yet miss prescilla said i did quite well. well, it was part of consolation.

dodge ball. well, i was not in the mood till the last few matches. i threw the balls at people like a mad cow. who cares.

chemistry and calculus quizzes tmr.

, 1:14 AM
i love taking pictures.
just recently.
because pictures are part of memories.

pictures and memories.
they rhymes.
you may call me a camwhorer.

without pictures, memories fade off.
pictures show you the memories of yours.
so, why not take pictures?

what a day
Sunday, October 18, 2009, 10:15 PM
last friday, after having my chemistry make up test, not forgetting that i had screwed the paper, it was a random mind again. i planned to go to sunway to watch 'sorority row'. sherlyn wanted to watch too and she followed. i asked others and they didnt want and so i went with sherlyn only.

the taxi driver who fetched us to sunway pyramid was really a nice man. he was very polite and greated us when we left. he provided a very great service. a token of appreciation to that driver.

we reached sunway pyramid and we rushed to buy the movie tickets as the movie would be starting at 12.30pm and that time was 11.40am. we were lucky that ah liang and gang were buying tickets. so, we just cut the queue and bought ours. they were gonna watch 'surrogates' which we had watched. haha. however, we couldnt buy the 12.30pm movie tickets but the 2pm one. so, we just bought it.

as we had 2 hours before the movie started, we decided to fulfill our famished stomach. sherlyn planned to go to pasta de gohan. she did all the order as she had tried before.

sherlyn pose for the toast

now my turn

now she's with the pasta

sherlyn claimed that i look better than her in posing with the pasta

i was busy cleaning the plate

sherlyn's so call self-decorated pasta

after eating, we just walked around the mall. we saw this cute thingy. haha. it was a puppy to me but sherlyn claimed that it's a kitten.

cute puppy

we went into a shop and sherlyn was trying those shoes. her taste is not really that good. haha. sorry, sherlyn. well, i chose one for her and this was it.

it looked plain but having it on sherlyn was good

she said that she has the potential to be a model

a nice shot

then, we walked to another shop which it was selling halloween stuffs. i was electrocuted at the finger. i was holding this thingy which looked like a lighter. so, i pressed it and my finger got electrocuted. it was an reflex action. my hand released the thingy and it dropped on the groud. my action shocked sherlyn. haha. and i found this cute big head toy which looked like yeong her.

big head

it was time to enter the cinema. however, we were not allowed to enter till 5 minutes before the show started. wth. fine. then we took pictures again.

sherlyn with 'sorority row'

sherlyn hearts them

me too, actually, nah

we entered the cinema to watch 'sorority row'. the movie was quite a nice one. well, it was not really that scary to me. i expect it to be better and more interesting. and quite some scenes were cut off. haih. but it could be considered as a not-bad-movie. however, sherlyn was terrified till she kept closing her eyes. haha! i couldnt stop laughing and scaring her. whenever there's some sound effects, i would just poke her at the side and she would be shocked. well, i got slaps and whacks from her on my face. in addition, she cried due to the movie and i did cry too. because my fingers were sprained by her. she was squeezing and twisting my fingers like nobody's business. gosh. she didnt know i was suffering as i just kept quiet there. i just told her after the movie. haha.

we came back from sunway pyramid after that. we went to old town white coffee. we ordered and we took pictures again.

she did enjoy the food that i ordered

black toast with cold butter

aromatic hot chocolate

i took this artistic picture

sherlyn with her hot chocolate

i taught her how to pose with it and she agreed it looked better

it was an awesome outing with sherlyn. we want more too right, sherlyn? well, she's a simple girl. simple things can fulfill her needs. just like her bf, alex. haha.

picture of the day

we walked back to college after that. we met up with fion and shane in the cae. omg. that fion went to sunway pyramid too to shop with her friends. well, i should have asked her as she wanted to watch 'sorority row'. so, fion, you're booked for 'jennifer's body' yeah! omg. i'm craving for 'jennifer's body' too!

well, in the cae, it was funny. fion got the prank by me. it was just a michael jackson's video. well, she did what i said. volume to the maximum and observe every scene. she added on the earphones wei. the last part of the video, there was a scream and michael jackson's ghost face was there. fion jerked and threw the earphones. haha! well, i just got a few whacks from her. but it was great to see her reactions. shane and i had a great laugh.

i went for dinner with fion, shane, jerry and zu yeen before attending the starlight movie screening.

the movie was 'the saw I'. it was not as horror or terrifying as i had expected. haih. but i saw fion jerking on her seat once. haha! it was just so-call- starlight movie screening. there was no stars at all during that night.

later, joo picked me up to bernard's house. we played poker and blackjack. damn. i kept losing in poker. so, i stopped playing till the blackjack came in. well, i did win. but everytime i won lots, i will lose back the winning's one. so, what's the point gambling. i just stopped after that. moreover, i am not really in love with gambling? haha. just part of entertainment with friends.

it was 4am. cheng hao, joo, lih jian, eugene and i went to macD to have our breakfast. then we sat there and had our tete-a-tete till 6am. then we went apart.

the others went to sleep while i got back to bernard's house to get my sport shoes as i was wearing my slippers. i didnt wanna wake up bernard just for that shoes. so, i climbed over his fence. damn. it was really an insane action. but i got no choice. that joo was laughing his ass off in the car. the fence was really high wei. it took me some efforts to do it.

we played basketball for 2 hours. it was a great one. we played 3 matches and we were really exhausted. joo was lucky that he got the chance to sleep. i was the unlucky one. i was tired too. unfortunately, i still gotta go for the stact club training. i was half awake, i guess.

oh yeah. mentioning the stact club training, there were 2 members joining my group which is the motivation group. they're yi xin and michelle chang. michelle is quite a shy person. yi xin is friendly. within a while, she and i talked lots and kept teasing each other. haha. anyway, welcome to motivation group, guys.

i need a break, seriously.