give up
Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 3:07 PM
sometimes, being too ternacious is not a good thing.

giving up might be a better solution.

observation was undergone recently.

i see the true side of you.

i give up.

all the best and good luck.

, 5:49 AM
i finally found another companion.

one who is in love with the old chinese songs.

the reasons are the lyrics are more meaningful and the songs are even more soothing and wonderful. not many people will adore these types of songs.

who is this companion?

proudly to announce:


, 5:34 AM
i was once again awake.

cheng yau called suddenly during the midnight and asked me physics questions. seriously, i had no idea about the solutions. so, i told her that i would text her when i got the solutions.

she called again when i texted her. well, physics topic was gradually transformed into a tete-a-tete session. haha. we talked about our points of views towards love relationships and random topics. we did insult each other too. this is pretty common.

cheng yau: my dad dun like me to show the cleavage one.
me: cheh. because you dun have cleavage okay?
cheng yau: what! i got one okay! mine is between b cup and c cup.
me: what the hell! *laughed out loud*

anyway, cheng yau claimed that her backside is big but i disagreed with her as the picture below is the proof.

cheng yau, small butt la!

cheng yau, i sincerely apologize for those insults. dun keep them in heart. haha. god bless you? :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009, 5:01 PM
unique. special. irreplaceable. matchless. incomparable. one and only.

these are the words that can only describe you.

you have your personalities. you have your stand. you have your attitude.

you're straight-forward. you're open-minded. you're expressive.

your expression shows everything.

you smile and laugh when you're joyful.

you cry and get emotional when you're down.

you will be infuriated when you're annoyed.

one word to characterize you.


fortune and fate
Monday, September 28, 2009, 9:56 PM
fortune and fate.

is fate our fortune? is fortune our fate?

we call them fates when we make our fortunes.

we call them fortunes when we make our fates.

what are the differences?

never give up and be ternacious.

good luck.

dodge again
, 9:39 PM
i dodge. you dodge. we dodge.

dodge ball again for today.

haha. a fact which couldnt be denied:


what should i blog about dodge ball?

jun hsien gave me this idea.

the way fion played dodge ball was funny today. maybe i should had recorded it down. she wanted to revenge throughout the game. but she ended up with the ball sliping off her hands when she wanted to throw the ball at a person. haha.

and next, fion seriously has a big eyes. she claimed that her eyes look big when she stares at someone. we did call her to demo but she couldnt fulfill our requirement. haha. in my opinion, she looks really fierce when she's pissed off. so, guys, dun irritate her.

the traffic was kinda congested on the way home. i hate traffic jams.

up up up
Sunday, September 27, 2009, 10:43 PM
up up up :)

i just had my dinner an hour ago and now i feel like eating again.

one week of hari raya holiday is gonna end by tonight.

i had gained 2kg in this week.

it might be nothing for you but for me to gain weight, it could be said that it's a miracle.

continue to go up.

up up up :)

, 5:41 PM
why would a guy open the car door for a lady?

the main reason is not that the guy is a gentleman. but either the car is new or she is his new lady.

get the hidden meaning?

figure it out yourself.

, 2:09 AM
it's 2.34am now.

i just knew a new friend through facebook. well, although we were friends on facebook, we dun really know each other. so, we had a chat on facebook and she has a blog. haha. so, we linked each other.

what could i say about her? before that, her name is felicia. she looks very young. she's 18 currently but she looks like a form 3 or 4 girl. haha. she said that even she had dyed and curled her hair, but yet still looks younger than me. so, i asked her what does she think about my age by depending on my appearance. she gave me a reply that i look like a 20-year-old teenager. fine. i accepted the fact as many people said that too? haha.

felicia is currently studying in sunway college and her hobby is fighting with her sister. she's so hilarious right? haha. she has a blog and i had linked her too.

anyway, nice to meet you, felicia. :)

i'm just done playing msn games with fion. she was frustrated with her philosophy assignment and so she played games to relax herself.

the first game that we played was uno. the computers were leading for each and every of the games. haha. fion was pissed as she kept losing in this uno game, she did win one round but she was still the last among the four.

next, we played the new game, all star bowling. fion lost again. but i guess she didnt have the mood to play either due to the assignment. good luck, fion.

sleep time. :)

randomly random
Saturday, September 26, 2009, 8:51 PM
songs are precious.

tuning into:

khalil fong - nothing's gonna change my love for you
changin' my life - eternal snow
hey monday - homecoming
trademark - only love
one republic feat sara bareilles - come home
kim bum soo - bogoshipda
lee hom feat jane zhang - another heaven
kely clarkson - already gone
tamaki nami - reason
the fray - never say never

do appreciate.

, 5:29 PM
where can the memories be kept in?

the photos. the blogs. any else?

looking through the photos. reading the blog posts. cognition was made.

you changed. i changed. everyone around us changed too.

we were friends. then we became enemies. now we are friends again. what happened in between? memories know.

you like him and he likes you. but you guys ended up not being together. what happened again? memories know.

you and him were in a relationship. then you guys broke up. what was the cause? memories know.

you used to have a crush on him or her. but now, he or she has become your enemy. why would this happen? memories know.

memories are vital. keep it.

dodge ball
, 12:25 AM
dodge ball was fun.

i had it yesterday with fion, ming ke, rhae yaenn, jun hsien and others. it was at the crocodile farm. it's not an easy game as what most of us had expected. it's ppretty hard and complicated which you need lots of tactics and techniques to do your best blast.

genting trip was kinda fun but tiring. however, i couldnt go to bed and i dunno why.

so, for tmr, shall i go to cheng yau's best friend, yin wei's birthday party or support inti team for dodge ball? i have no idea currently as i'm unsure about the time i'll be back from genting.

dodge ball! more to come! :)

view it
Friday, September 25, 2009, 4:20 AM
it's 4.23 am currently.

i'm still awake. surfing the net. watching tv. heart to heart session with mama.

tuning into: miley cyrus - party in the usa

Bukit Cahaya Journey
Thursday, September 24, 2009, 2:04 PM
on the 24th september 2009, k7, jun hsien, fion, rhae yaenn, caly, eric, tien xiang, li ching, lyang suan and i had a trip to bukit cahaya which is known as the hill of light. :)

i shall describe the journey with the pictures.

there were no bikes for us and so we walked throughout the whole journey. :/

here we started our journey

our sexybacks :)

thanks to rhae yaenn. we took the short cut which was a steeper and so call the-road-not-taken pathway. haha. tien xiang and his gf, li ching were walking far far in front of us. this picture is the proof. :)

it's pretty tiny :/

so, while we were walking, suddenly we heard li ching screaming. 'AH AH AHHHH!' and we saw her running down the slope damn fast, leaving tien xiang with the 100 plus can drinks. we were shocked and perplexed. li ching was like pulling and dragging fion and me and screaming. i thought she saw a big insect. haha!

then, we saw a monkey chasing after tien xiang. tien xiang was like standing there and not moving. the monkey grabbed a 100 plus can and ran away. tien xiang quickly dropped the others and ran off. li ching ran off again once he started escaping. fion who was with me, was stunned at first when she saw this happening. then she screamed and ran off too once tien xiang ran. HAHA! this incident was damn funny and it could never be forgotten.

the monkey who terrified the girls :D

before i continue my story, let me introduce the new friends who i met that day during the trip. :)

lyang suan the photographer of the day :)

kesavan the k7 (:

jun hsien the joker

tien xiang the funny guy

cally the cheerful girl

let's continue. :) after the shocking and hilarious incident, we continued our journey. we reached a swimming pool which i forgot the name of it. maybe i shall ask k7 as he knows the places and names pretty well. :) while the others were walking around, we the first four started to take picture. haha! there we go! :)

the first 4 :)

then, the others found out and complained about it that we took pictures without them and there they joined us. :)

our first group picture but lyang suan was not in it :(

now he's in :) but not jun hsien :(

we went through lots of places and i forgot those names of the places again. haha! what a poor memory that i have as my brain is as small as the size of nutshell. as most of us were famished and exhausted, we took the bus back to the entrance.

in the bus, we took pictures again. :)

i pretty love this picture as fion looks so round here (:

taken by see fion :/

finally, we reached the entrance and we had some food as the hungry stomach were growling. haha! i was not eating as i did not have the appetite. so, instead of eating, i took a picture. :)

my great work. :)

tien xiang and his gf, li ching left as they were too exhausted to continue the journey. or maybe they need more privacy? haha.

after that, we headed to a place that there were many fish there. haha. i forgot the name wei. sorry for that. fion and i were trying hard to catch a fish. and one of the fish bit my palm. wth wei. oh yeah! and one more thing. a mother was catching the fish with her children too. unfortunately, the fish jumped out from the pail and splashed the water. fion screamed as she worried that the fish was going to hit her head or anything. haha. i screamed too because fion screamed. what a reflex action huh? well, this made the others laughed their asses off.

the fish :D

well, later on, we continue our journey. we headed to a forest as some said that they wanted to try jungle trekking there. however, we couldnt make it. so, we turned back and did our return. oh yea! this is funny! see fion. this girl has a phobia of going down an inclined plane or slope. so, she was screaming and yelling for help. haha! i lent her my hand and there the rumors went again. rhae yaenn and jun hsien, both of you started it. watch out yeah! haha.

then, we headed to the house of four seasons. omg. there were air conditioners in the house! under such terribly hot weather, we felt so cooling in the house. and the usual me, of course i must take a rest ryte? :P and there you see! that fion took the picture of me sleeping in the house. :(

stupid fion took this picture for revenge

we left the house of four seasons and continue our journey. we came to the jambatan gantung. it was a pretty short one. haha. what did we do again? take pictures, of course. :D

picture time at the jambatan gantung

the couple of the day and in the future too :P

the second picture of pig & piglet?

everyone was hungry and famished after the long journey. so, we decided to have our lunch. after the needed discussion, we had it at the sushi king in centro. :)

we were splited into 2 groups. the girls and eric were in a group and the others were another group. so, the girls and eric went home and left rhae yaenn the piglet alone there. so, as the four kind and warm hearted men, we invited her to join us. :P

there you go. that rhae yaenn went retarded again. *shake head*

the retarded piglet :D

let me recall some of the funny and interesting conversations and happenings:

when we were trying hard to walk up the super steep road:
fion: HAIII
me: what?
fion: what what?
me: i mean why you sigh?
fion: what?! i am saying HI la.
me: ...
fion: HAHAHA

at the place with lots of fish:
rhae yaenn: hey, chyn woei, didnt smell your hand huh?
me: no smell what. dun believe, you smell la.
(i stood up and put my paml to her face and i accidentally smacked her nose)
me: oops. sorry. accidentally.
rhae yaenn: OMG, tan chyn woei! i'm gonna have a big pimple on my nose.

in the forest:
fion: AHHH AHHH!
(i turned back and saw fion screaming as she couldnt come down from the slope)
me: haha. wth, fion. scream till like that.
rhae yaenn: aiyoh. come on la, chyn woei. help her.
(i went to help her and she pushed me down by grabbing my hands)
me: omg omg omg. fion!
fion: sorry la, i got this phobia of going down.
(after everyone managed to come out from the forest, rhae yaenn, k7, cassy and jun hsien were talking secretly)
(after finding out)
fion: they're saying that we would be together.
me: huh? i dun get you.
fion: remember the slope there? then you helped me and the secret?
me: oh oh. and then?
fion: they're saying that we will get into a relationship in the future and stuff la.
(actually, fion knew it dy but she acted like she didnt hear it)

while rhae yaenn and cassy were running insanely & jun hsien and i had a chat:
jun hsien: you know what? i thought you having something on with rhae yaenn
me: huh? why would you say so?
jun hsien: well, cause you're pretty famous in her blog.
me: oh. really? haha. nah. we're just friends.
(this is hilarious and ridiculous)

in the sushi king:
eric: i know lots. about chew lian.
me: haha! you got too many wei, rhae yaenn. your high school got lots too.
rhae yaenn: *stares*
me: oh. sorry la. you got too many and i couldnt remember their names. HAHA.

me: hey, fion, you're in my moral class ryte?
fion: yeah.
me: yeah. see, jun hsien, rhae yaenn, fion and i never talk to each other till now.
fion: yeah la. i never see him in my class.
me: what! i just remember you laughed insanely with the laptop and zu yeen.
fion: *stares*
me: can you dun open your eyes that big?
fion: *eyes closed smaller*
me: HAHA

rhae yaenn: *act cute*
jun hsien: hey, you look retarded. suan, take her picture.
(after taking the picture of rhae yaenn looking retarded)
jun hsien: see! you look so retarded.
k7: haha. he's emphasizing the statement.
rhae yaenn: chyn woei! i'm so gonna kill you.

i am finally done with the bukit cahaya journey post. next would be dodge ball and genting? :)

tuning into: kelly clarkson - already gone

perfect plan
, 1:04 AM
i'm going to play dodge ball tmr. first time of it. :)

but i dun wanna be smashed by those heartless dodge balls. haha!

and i'm off to genting with family too tmr.

posts about the interesting journey will be updated soon.

tuning into: jay sean feat lil wayne - down

Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 7:23 PM
i got roasted. damn! due to the freaking sunburn.

haha! but i had a great time with people at bukit cahaya. :)

frankly speaking, it was not that tiring, but, my muscles were cramping extremely lots. aiks.

lots of funny conversations and photos will be posted soon.

asap yeah! :D

short term memory
Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 6:13 PM
i almost forgot this!

pang rhae yaenn piglet

thank you for the belated birthday post :)

i do appreciate it. see you tmr!

the comment
, 5:38 PM
gosh. i felt extremely exhausted after 2 days of jogging.

muscles cramp. ouch. but i had big naps recently. adequate of rest. :)

i remember the comment by yeong her.

'at first, you seem very arrogant and eogistic to me. maybe like those kiasu type. but after knowing you, not really. you seem to be a good boy.'

haha! this was the first time that i was being praised as a good boy. *grin*

tmr's adventurous programme, i'm looking forward. but family are going to penang to enjoy themselves. :(

i would enjoy myself. :)

believe and fate
, 11:29 AM
last night was an unhappy night.

lots of stuff had just happened in a sudden.

it was pretty unexpected.

but i believe, i could solve everything.

tuning into: trademark - only love

love or hate
Monday, September 21, 2009, 9:53 PM
i pretty love this sentence.

'we can cure one's hate, literally, by injecting love and music into one's life'

i believe.

dirty little secret
, 12:51 PM
remember that i mentioned about my dirty little secret in the previous post?

well, basically, it's not really a dirty little secret. haha. well, it's just that i have 2 personalities.

a lots of my friends told me that the way i act and talk on the phone is totally different from the way i are when i hang out with them. i wouldnt realise it till they told me that.

regarding the 2 personalities, i would say it out. it's for me to know but for you to figure out if and only if you're interested. haha. however, from now onwards, i would just be myself. the true personality will take over the place.

i would just treat you in return of the way you treat me. i might not be that kind or evil anymore. i wouldnt be friendly or hostile just like the previous of me. i would just repay double towards what you gave me.

end of story, my dirty little secret. :)

remember the vow
, 12:28 PM
hey, you! yeah! this post is mainly for you! :)

you would know who you are if you continue to read this post.

i know you're suffering currently. you have nobody to talk too. your close friends arent with you right now. so, you feel alone. you feel that no one is there to support you. you have to deal with every matter by yourself. i know the pathway is not easy.

you did promise me. remember the vow that you made? :) no crying ryte? the tap water has to be turned off but not letting it to flow freely, right? haha.

i just want you to be tough. i know the saying is easy but you gotta try it. the process is not easy, though. it is part of the process of growing up too. i will work hard together with you.

if you really feel down, tan chyn woei's ears will always be there for you. just text me or call me when you need to. gambateh!

, 11:35 AM
i'm finally 18. this means i'm legal for clubbing and others? :)

i would like to thanks those who wished me through sms, facebook, calls and in college. thank you so much.

anyway, special thanks to these people:
- my family
- stact club
- joo
- sherlyn
- eng-teng
- hui ling
- yee june
- xiao tian

thanks to my family and i had a great time with them. they're my precious. and sorry that i came home late and you all had to wait for dinner. thank you for the surprise, stact club. hope the 20th cs is a success. joo, thanks for the meal and card. sorry too that i couldnt manage to read your handwriting. haha. sherlyn, thanks for accompanying me the whole day and the home-made card. regarding the content, well, it's kinda cannot be revealed. haha. eng-teng, thanks for organising the celebration and sorry that you had to wait too that day. hui ling, thanks for the square-head-but-round-body thingy. i still couldnt figure out what's it but thanks. yee june, thanks for coming for the celebration too and reminding me the name of tikus. xiao tian, thank you for the birthday wish call although you're in US. it's pretty early here although it's afternoon there. thanks for all these and i appreciate lots.

now, let the pictures do the talking. :)

20th community service members :)

the birthday girl, priscilla :D

sherlyn pang :)

yee june :]

hui ling :D

well, eng-teng refused to have a picture with me. most probably worried that her boyfriend would be jealous. haha!

joo and sherlyn :)

let's end this post with this picture. :)

candid shot -.-

Sunday, September 20, 2009, 6:49 PM
streamyx system was down.

events recently would be updated asap. :)

happy holidays, everyone.

the killer
Thursday, September 17, 2009, 8:27 PM
heavy rain. heavily broken.

i stayed back for the stact club community service interview. so did joo. i was interviewed by the advisor. -.- wth? well, he asked me lots of questions which were soon related to the community service. my questions were totally different from joo's one. haha. why? because i had undergone the similar interview previously.

i wanted to go home after that. but i did not. well, as i stayed back to play basketball. (: there were some others who are playing dodge ball. i played better today in basketball, although i did not play basketball for long. well, accuracy improved but not the stamina. haih. sad case. need to train my stamina back. :(

i'm having 2 tests tmr. pretty sad huh?

emo songs :]

rumors kill. please do not spread rumors.

true or false
Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 5:43 PM
college life's pretty hectic recently.

but what could i do? i'm still a teenager.

three years ago,
xxx: hey, chyn woei, why are you always being so serious?
me: what? i didnt.
xxx: then why dun you smile but look moody and serious all the time?
me: i dunno. i do look like that all the time.
xxx. you should smile more. well, it's pretty scary t get around you as you look fierce.
me: oh. okay. haha.

8 hours ago,
yeong her: actually, chyn woei, you should be serious instead of laughing all the time.
me: haha. why? laughing all the time is being blissful what.
yeong her: no la. if you are more serious, i think girls will be more fond of that.
me: oh. really? haha. nvm la. no girls will like me.
yeong her: fine, since you say so.

so, should i smile more or be in a serious mood more? i'm perplexed and puzzled.

in the following posts, i would blog about my dirty little secret. well, not to forget the post about smile. :)

come home
Tuesday, September 15, 2009, 9:24 PM
i changed or you changed?

tuning into: one republic feat. sara bareilles - come home

maybe we did not change. fate.

tough cognition
Monday, September 14, 2009, 3:49 PM
i had my calculus quiz today. wth. i did not study! wahaha! i just confirmed that there was a quiz today during this early early morning. well, i just screwed up the pretty eff-ing quiz. just ignore about that.

i just reached home and the first thing i did was facebook-ing and blogging. mhm, i just felt like blogging. haha.

i still had my chemistry and calculus homework to do. tons and tons of exercises and practices and notes to deal with. sob!

megumi, sorry that i couldnt help you with the phone. although you bought the same model of phone as me, i wouldnt know how to teach you the usage of it. haha. it's pretty difficult to teach you thru sms. and well, sorry that i couldnt meet up with you in 1u today as i am not staying nearby 1u either. :/

next, yong sheng and shu boey, i feel like killing both of you right now. -.- both of you embarrassed me in calculus class. i mean it was not a topic that couldnt be shared. but i would be glad if you guys did not do that. ish! the people who knew the topic of you guys talking were laughing their asses off wei. -.-

oh yeah! fion see, dun get pissed just because of that picture. hope that you wouldnt mind. and dun hate me wei. cheer up! :D

well, my blog is having shortage of pictures. so, what's the resolution? camwhore! :P

i know i'm such a poser :)
i was thinking hard. hehe.

in the next post, i would kindly talk about smile. :)

, 4:26 AM
i did not sleep again today.

however, i wasnt doing my homework.

i was surfing online, browsing thru the facebook. haha.

the only person who was awake with me during this moment was cheng yau. she was online using facebook. but wth? instead of chatting thru facebook, she sms-ed me. haha. so, we had our chat thru sms.

well, maybe we're being too bored and this is the advantage of sms. :)

cheng yau, go to sleep la! small butt! *giggles*

arigato gozaimasu
Sunday, September 13, 2009, 7:10 PM
tmr there would be a calculus quiz and i'm gonna screw that eff-ing quiz up.

i had been sleeping the whole day today. i didnt complete the previous calculus hw and yet didnt catch up to do the task. shit!

mhm hmm. i would just like to have this post to thank some friends. :)

hui ling
thank you for remembering my birthday. although it's pretty early. yeah, thank you! :) oh. and i'm grateful for all the supports that you gave.

thanks to you too. well, this girl is a funny girl. why would i say so? she asked me out for shopping on this friday. i was perplexed as she never did so before. haha. and i asked her whether who would be going. she said dunno yet and she would ask. -.- wth? then she said: it's your birthday, dun so blur. OH! no wonder she would ask me out for shopping. haha!

pei gek
a round-headed girl. :D thank you so much too. well, she was in the plan with eng-teng. as they went out for dinner last friday and they realised about the birthday thingy and so they planned. her reason of worrying was i would be busy on that day. -.- *pei gek,, i'm not famous!* HAHA!

these 3 person, thank you! although we did not meet up for quite some times, hopefully the friendships of ours wouldnt fade off. :) friends forever. but use your time to do more vital stuff. :)

well, when they asked about next friday, the only thing that popped out in my mind was the tests. damn it! i got chemistry and calculus tests on friday. i couldnt afford to screw up these 2 subjects again cause i did once. -.- but it seemed like i had lost the interest in studies. sounds funny huh? haha.

arigato gozaimasu, hui ling, eng-teng & pei gek. :)

say yes or no to the change
Saturday, September 12, 2009, 5:40 PM
i changed? i revoluted? did i? i didnt know about that either.

one says that my attitude changes.
one says that i become a cold person.
one says that i become unfriendly.
one says that i listen to chinese songs which i never do it before.
one says that the current way i speak is totally different from the last time one.
one says that i become an emo person.
one says that i change into an evil person.
one says that i seem to dislike sleep that much anymore.
one says that i take a shorter period to shower only compared to last time.
one says that i procrastinate less.
one says that i turn into a new leaf.

but still, i am tan chyn woei.

p.s. something is bothering my mind.

night's night
, 1:36 AM
i was bored. so, i had a tete-a-tete with fion. we reminisced about what happened this noon and some random topics. well, her eyes are huge and sparkling. :D

mhm hmm. she's funny and very random. well, as shown as below. enjoy the picture.

p.s. fion, sorry for stealing the picture without telling you. haha.

correct the corrections
, 12:36 AM
aiks. according to piglet pang rhae yaenn, the chemistry test is gonna be on next friday.

what does the above statement mean? this means that i could have some extra days to enjoy lazing around. :D

yesh! i wanna to share this too. i just knew a friend. i mentioned her name in the previous post. she's kayal. well, i talked to her today again. she was quite nice and funny. we kept laughing too. but she also refused to give the speech. -.-

oh well, she's petite. haha. damn thin and skinny. but she has a fabulous bodyshape. guys would drool. HAHA! she's a great dancer too. fr your info, she learnt those dance steps from clubbing. wth? she's so pro huh? lol. she introduced her friend to me too. she is an indian and a good dancer. but i forgot her name. -.- sorry.

that's it for this one. correctED the corrections. :)

final or destination
Friday, September 11, 2009, 10:53 PM
finally the 2nd week of college life had ended. (: glad as i could have a sufficient rest, at last.

let's recall what did i do today.

i had calculus quiz today. yeah, again. but, unfortunately, i did not study on the previous night. i planned to study at 12 in the midnight. haha! well, just as usual, burning te midnight oil. however, i failed. i took a nap at 9pm. it ended up not a long nap but a sleep. wtf? and i didnt complete my calculus hw either.

what's next? let me think about it.

yeah! the damn eff-ing speech. jocelyn refused to do the speech for the presentation for college players. so, i had to do it. as she said that i am the activity coordinator and she's my boss and i speak a fluent english than her. wtf? i dun speak english fluently. well, broken english exists in my speaking. haha.

sigh of relief once the speech ended. i perspired like hell. beginning of the speech was horrible. too tension wei. well, all those mumbles and bubbles came out from my mouth. haha! after that was kinda okay, i guess. oh yeah! latin dance class got more people now. (: approximately 10 person if i'm not mistaken. but i might be the only guy. great huh? -.-

not to forget, fion rushed to concourse as i called her to do so. haha. out of a sudden, she spoke mandarin to me. i was like: what the heck? you speak mandarin? lol. well, because she had never spoken mandarin to me. so, i was kinda shocked. :P

after that, i went for the stact club members gathering. i met yong sheng and le may there. fion was there too. mhm hmm. we did have lots of great fun there. well, i kinda miss stact club people. it's been long that i didnt meet up with them. (: tian xin is still the same, not much changes. i quote her: whatever. haha! she's so funny and cute. well, the 20th rural service is just around the corner. oh gosh. i wanna join again wei. i joined the 19th rural service. but i worried that i wouldnt make it. :/ hopefully i can make it. god bless me. haha.

btw, i emberrassed myself today. damn. there was an ice breaking session during the stact club members gathering. so, i did my part too.

i said: hello. i'm chyn woei. currently in a levels. oh no. aup. and ...

fine. the people there burst into laughters. haih. hopefully i didnt blush. haha!

and one last thing. when fion was introducing herself, zhen thak ask her about her relationship status. she answered: single but NOT AVAILABLE. lolness! she's damn hilarious. xP

well, dad just went out. he would be buying roti canai for me. woohoo! supper time. (: i ate lots today. why? i wanna grow fatter ma. HAHA.

calculus quizzes and chemistry test next monday & calculus test next friday. -_-

stress, but still, lazing around. haha!

i watched final destination 4. it was so incredibly nice. :) the ways of humans being killed. wahaha! thumbs up! must watch! haha. :D

ignorance is bliss
Thursday, September 10, 2009, 5:30 PM
so, you wanna play the game ryte?

sure. bring it on. but sorry to say that i wont get myself involved in the game. i wouldnt wanna care about you anymore. you think it would be fun and interesting? sorry to say that it's not and dun act like you're such a foolish and silly and lame person. maybe you're one. who knows?

ignoring you would clear out my headache. no doubt doing it after thinking wisely. so, sorry if i'm clod to you. you deserve that as you started the game unless you end it.

done with the complaint. :)

in concourse, ah king asked me a question. well, that question was an expected one to me. so, i just answered honestly. the idea that he gave me was the most rediculous one that i had heard. wth. -.- well, not really. haha. i did receive lots of these kinda ideas before.

ignorance is bliss. totally agree.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 7:09 PM
i was kinda relax today as i finished all my tasks last night.

however, i was given a complicated one today. -.-

i went to concourse to promote latin dance class. wth? 2 new person signed up only. if add up the previous class students, it would be 5 including me. but the problem is there would be 4 girls and i'm the only guy. wtf? how am i gonna handle this? i would die just due to exhaustion in latin dance. haha.

well, the process of recruiting had given me such a big headache. and yet, jocelyn con me. damn wei. haha. she ask me to enter college players and i did. then she said that i will be presenting the latin dance class on friday. i was like wtf is this? then she was telling me the aim and informations relevant to college players. i asked her why latin is related to these. she said that i would be giving my speech on behalf of college players. -.-

oh yeah! one thing that made joo and i laugh our ass off. LOL.

there's an indian girl, well, if not mistaken, her name is kayal. she was sitting beside me at the college players' booth. then, we did have a short chat. well, just a simple ice breaking, i guess. haha. then, while i was talking to joo and friends, she told jocelyn something.

jocelyn: hey, chyn woei, you know what kayal said:
me: what?
jocelyn: she said that you're cute. HAHA
me: -.-" erm, okay.
jocelyn: then i told her that you're same age as me but she's 21. she said age is not a problem for her.
me: haha. erm erm, yeah. age is not a problem.

well, that made me speechless. lol. i'm finally done with all posts.

now i should take my dinner and have a short nap as i gotta give jocelyn the draft of my speech by tonight. con me, jocelyn! :/

tata. :)

convo says
, 7:02 PM
yesterday, in chemistry class, yeong her was sitting behind me.

yeong her: yerr. you got the baby smell!
me: O.o huh? what baby smell?
yeong her: dunno. but it smells like those baby powder.
me: -.- wth? i dun put baby powder. and i dun have baby smell either, ryte, sherlyn?
sherlyn: nah. you got baby smell. look like a baby and smell like a baby. really like a baby.
me: ...

a moment later,
me: hey, dun have wei. i sniffed all over my clothes and body, no baby smell also.
sherlyn: maybe it's your shampoo?
me: nope. i always use different one. lol.
yeong her: baby powder. haha!
sherlyn: maybe it's your hair.
yeong her: mhm mhm! yea.
me: -.- wth?

afterall, i ask some other people. boys said that they smelled nothing but most girls said that they did notice about the baby powder smell. wtf? i am 18 years old. not 8 years old. i wanna have man smell. LOL!

triple 09
, 6:56 PM
today is radio day. :)

not only that, it's also sherlyn pang ting huan's sweet 18th birthday. haha. now, she can go clubbing legally. :D

happy sweet 18th birthday, sherlyn :P

i just gave her a self-made card. oh well, i did share with joo for her present. as i just know that she likes pig and it was so last minute buying her present, we got her a piggy soft toy. -.- haha. it looks cute. LOL! but looks damn gay! haha!

all the best to you, side parting. :D

p.s. this is the day you should express all your true feelings. (this was what i heard) lol.

get ready
, 5:58 AM
well, once again, i did not sleep. i was awake for more than 24 hours again! :)

i still left 6 questions for calculus hw. maybe i will do it now or do it in college later.

i had done with sherlyn's birthday card but it looks horrible. -.- it had been long for me not getting involved in arts. haha!

oh oh. i also finished today's chemistry report. sorry. i mean yesterday's one. :P however, there's a new one coming today. -.- gosh!

well, currently, i'm chatting with xiao tian who is in US. she was asking about the reason of my changes. haha. well, that was one of my blog posts later on. :)

now, i shall get prepared and college gonna start in 2 hours. :D

rush rush rush
Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 5:51 PM
i drove like a mad cow today. this is a undeniable fact.

i drove with the speed of 100km/hour. well, that was the minimum. haha! it might be common driving that. but as you know, i did overtake cars without having the signals on before doing it. what to do? rushing what. time is running every second every minute every hour. just like the poem, life brief candle. :)

why would i rush?

i still got my calculus hw not done. a new chemistry report today. sherlyn's birthday is tmr and i just bought the materials to make her a birthday card. :) what else yeah? well, currently, i couldnt really think well. so, leave it for next time.

oh. last but not least, today's quizzes. practically, i think calculus quiz was fine. but just that i was not sure about the answer. and damn! for chemistry quiz. i hate it! it was kinda tough and i did a silly foolish mistake. -.-

i'll be back. soon, i guess. :)

, 9:40 AM
now, sherlyn is beside me, playing the pet society application in facebook. -.-

well, she's like a little child, bugging me to send her the poops that i have in my pet society. haha! it's been donkey years for me not playing pet society. but wow. i was kinda impressed as pet society was upgraded lots and it become a better version and more attractive and more advance. lol.

okay. i just got a whack from sherlyn. -.- as she saw her name in my current blog post and i mentioned about the poop. haha!

sherlyn, baka timon! :P

not again
, 1:21 AM
recently, i had been very emo. damn it.

however, i think being emo might be a good thing to me. :) haha. because i could study better when i am emo. today is exceptional. my brain couldnt absorb anything that i read. so, tmr, i might screw up my chemistry quiz.

i could have studied during tmr's 2 hours break. but i gotta promote latin dance class, in order to recruit more students to join the class. unfortunately, i'm the only guy in the class. i couldnt be handling all the girls ryte? come on, guys, be more open-minded and accept latin dance. dun be such a barbarian? haha.

insomnia. a severe one. i still couldnt sleep. but no matter how, i should sleep now. as i want a better mind and thinking skill for tmr quizzes.

sweet dreams, tan chyn woei. :)

here it goes
Monday, September 7, 2009, 9:26 PM
second week of college life is starting tmr.

college life is awesome. however, there are 2 quizes tmr. :( chemistry and calculus quizes. well, for calculus, i did the hw and so not really worrying. but for chemistry, i had not touch any topic of it yet. haha! why? kept sleeping since afternoon and been lazing around. :P

i got something to post, regarding my thought. but not today. as i'm pretty lazy.

anyway, joo sent me this photo. wth! i couldnt stop laughing after seeing it. LOL!

you shouldn do this when you're having your braces on. or else, the consequences above would happen. haha. well, to be specific, blowjob is not allowed to those who are wearing braces. LOL!

i tried so hard to figure out the meaning of the picture. HAHA. as those black thingy from the girl's teeth seems like smoke to me. -.-

enjoy the picture, guys. :)

finally double two
, 4:29 AM
the clock is showing 4.30 in the morning currently.

i had finally finished all my calculus unit 7.2 exercises. this was my first time. i had never been so hardworking. i mean i did during my pmr and spm. but that was just studying but not doing practices. however, this time was different. :) i never yawn once throughout the whole process of finishing the calculus exercises. awesome! haha!

i'm kinda impressed of myself. :P why?

i did not sleep yesterday. yet, i was not tired at all. i could still stay up late, burning the midnight oil, doing calculus hw. haha. but i am pretty sure that i would be damn eff-ing freaking exhausted tmr. zombie look? :/

i had:
-finished my calculus hw
-replied the email

good night, everyone. or maybe should i say good morning? :)

prank it
Sunday, September 6, 2009, 7:42 PM
basically, i did not sleep for the whole day. i was staying awake till 6am.

what did i do after that?

i went jogging around my housing area. well, i do have a treadmill but it is in my parents' bedroom. i couldnt be going into their room and jog on the treadmill at 6 in the morning ryte? haha!

so, after jogging, i get myself prepared. the preparation took quite a long time. it was 11am when i was done with it. omg! that was late. i called joo to tell him that i would be reaching his house around 12pm.

after taking my breakfast, i headed to joo's house as planned. well, i was kinda emo and so i just speeded all the way. i reached his house just a minute before 12pm. haha! punctual huh? :)

then, we went to the mac d drive thru. :D luckily i brough laptop. yeah! got songs and net to entertain us. HAHA. however, i was busy chatting online with a few of my friends. that took me 2 hours. damn it! it was 3pm.
oh oh. not to forget, joo and i saw amanda's friend, phaik wei with her bf. LoL. joo was like: 'really?' then he purposely walked to the washroom as they were sitting nearby there. HAHA. such a crap!

argh. well, afterall, i started doing my hw. unfortunately, i failed to finish the work that i had expected. haiz. the hw had to be brought home to finish. sad case huh? haha!

before i left, we met up with bernard and eugene. we had a tete-a-tete. :) awesome!
oh yeah, before this post ends, i recalled about what happened previously. HAHA! shun thai craps lots. he also sent me some lame websites. -.- i was like: 'wtf is this wei. damn disgusting.' and he knows my primary school friends, nicholas and wei ling. according to shun thai, wei ling is hot. LOL! shun thai~ *wink*

p.s. sorry for the prank. do forgive and forget the mistake. anyway, chyn woei, stop procrastinating. :(

picture of the day :)

the ever first nickname
, 1:57 AM
i did have lots of nicknames. but you gave me the ever first nickname, which had remained in my memory for the rest of my life.

pig head.

it is 2 in the morning right now. however, i couldnt sleep. you appeared in my mind. why? because i went reminiscing the past. how foolish am i ryte?

recalling, i realized that i was foolish, not the part of reminiscing, but the past. i did lots of silly mistakes which i had never realized it before. i wonder where was my mind that time. it seemed like it had disappeared or gone missing.

i remembered the every single moment that i had with you. happiness and sorrow. joys and cries. i learnt from my mistakes. i did not pay full responsibility. that was why such result had happened.

i just realized that you're a simple person. from the information that i had just gotten, you are a simple person. a kind and soft hearted person. i had never care for anything of everything.

it's impossible for me currently to have such deep feeling. because it's over, this was what i know. i tried so hard to forget about the past. the past is the past. no more looking backwards. and i would not get back to the past. why? to be honest, i wouldnt know too. all i know is i complete my current task perfectly.

you would stay in my memory, forever. ever-lasting, just like eternal snow.

2am and the rain is falling
here we are at the crossroads once again
you're telling me you're so confused
you cant make up your mind

trademark - only love. what a nice song to fit current atmostphere

look out point
Saturday, September 5, 2009, 10:43 PM
look out point!

i saw the night scenery at look out point in my friend's pictures. haha. wow. fantastic and incredible and awesome and picturesque.

i shall go there one day. :)

pig head
, 7:16 PM
yawn. i just woke up. first week of college had been over.

i had been always entering the Land of Nod pretty late recently. maybe around 3 to 4 am. maybe this was part of my habits after the semester break.

today was saturday, which was a weekend. i got nothing to do. so, what would i do?


yes! i slept from 2pm till 6.30pm. awesome huh? haha.

damn! i got nothing to do later. surfing online is kinda boring either.

i shall plan. :)

token of appreciation
, 2:21 AM
rhae yaenn piglet, thank you so much!!! :)

i'm glad that you helped me.

although you know that i was lazy to complete the task. haha.

sincerely, thank you, piglet.

p.s. piglet, i know surely one day you will say: chyn woei, you still owe me a meal as i helped you in this. right? :D

nearly lost
Friday, September 4, 2009, 9:12 PM
college was still fine for me currently. calculus II and chemistry II seem interesting to me. but they weren't for the previous semester. haha.

i was extrememly tired today. however, i was hyper too. i wonder why. i kept laughing in class which made my exhaustion went even worse.

after all lessons ended, i fetched sherlyn back. but before that, we bought ice-cream! :) it had been a long time that i didnt have ice cream. haha. so, after buying the ice cream, we got into the car.

sherlyn led me the way to her house. well, her house is located in kota kemuning. according to her, it is considered as part of shah alam. kota kemuning from subang jaya. what can i comment? well, it is pretty far. haha. but the main problem during that time was kota kemuning got lots of roundabouts. wth?

i was busy memorising the way to get out from kota kemuning after dropping sherlyn. before reaching her house, she broke the ice cream cone into pieces which fell on her shirt and my car. haha. i totally got no comment for that. she's just like a little girl. my maid will clean that mess. OH OH! her voice was so cute and seducing today in chemistry class. HAHA. just for today. lol.

finally, we reached her house. she pressed the door bell but no one came out to open the gate for her. so, i just parked my car in front of her house and waited with her. well, because it would be dangerous for her to wait alone as she is kinda fragile. haha! later, her grandma came out. OMG. her grandma was so sexy. lolness. why would i say so? she just took her shower and came out with a towel wrapping around her body. haha.

sherlyn asked: sexy lei?
me: ...

well, so, i left that 'sexy' place. based on my memory, i got rid of the first few roundabouts. later on, i came to a roundabout that i dun think i did pass by it just now. wth? so, i jut drove around till i got the right way. haha. phew. luckily i managed to excape from kota kemuning. now, the problem is how to go to ss2 in pj from here. i had never been to kota kemuning wei.

i just follow the signboard to get back to subang. haha. that's the only thing that i would know. such a disgrace thing to admit. haih. omg. it took me almost 30 minutes to get back to subang jaya from kota kemuning plus 3 extra tolls. but nvm. at least i didnt go lost. haha!

well, i reached subang jaya and left 15 minutes for me to get to ss2 to pick up my sister. so, no point. i had to speed. wahaha! forgot about this, definitely the process of overtaking car would be going on. HAHA!

luckily, i was lucky enough to be in time. not really in time but i was late for 5 minutes. haha!

damn! i got horrible sense of directions. i need improvement. :)

p.s. recently, numerous people around me are kinda upset and down and emo. i wonder why.

emo night
, 1:32 AM
pig and piglet are emo at the same time?

but due to different reasons, of course.

haha. what a coincident ryte? :D

, 12:39 AM
i couldnt sleep. gosh. it's a bad news. haha.

maybe i should just top thinking. however, it is bothering me currently.

p.s. sigh for the day & i gotta drive tmr. haih.

Thursday, September 3, 2009, 6:33 PM
yawn. i just woke up from a 2-hours-nap. i am seriously feeling really exhausted and tired currently.

i recalled of the happening in college today. the funniest and most interesting one was:-

piglet blushed!!!
this was the first time of me seeing a blushing piglet. LoL.
so, how to make piglet blush huh? :D i have no idea. haha.

omg. i'm so addicted to this song 'nothing's gonna change my love for you'. :)

confusion in the heart
Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 11:41 PM
should i give up?

perplexed & puzzled

never dies
Tuesday, September 1, 2009, 5:10 PM
great! i had my first day of semester 3 today. haha. the lessons were going on. i had no complaints. :D

but i got the only ONE complaint. damn! -.-

piglet! you cheated me huh? you told me that you wont be in the same class as me in chemistry II. you are in the same class with me. not only that, even calculus II. surprise isit? haha!

anyway, that's kinda great, thinking in another way. why? i can bully. *grins* :)

well, enough for today. i am not supposed to blog. i broke the promise. haha. but i was too free wei. so, i grabbed the opportunity. :D

off and gambateh!!!