let's edit
Saturday, July 25, 2009, 1:47 PM
let's edit some photos as being too free and bored here. ;)

best camwhored picture in 2009

tan chyn woei

well, the picture above was taken last month when i was waiting for my dad to fetch me over to the klpac to watch the help inter-college latin dance compeition with amanda. ;)

best photos in 2009

li zhe


amanda ong


my cute little sister.

let's have a fast recap:
1. li zhe was a quiet person when the first time i met him. he was so silent for most of the time. but after mixing long with him, it's not so true. haha. he is quite a crappy person too. which means he's a nice person to chat with. and he's an easy go lucky person.
2. corine is a kind-hearted and adorable girl. the way she speaks and acts make me feel like laughing sometimes. way too cute, i think.
3. amanda ong is quite a ganas girl. HAHA. dun ever try to provoke her. as her whacks are quite strengthful too. i got the whacky whacks from her a few times and it was kinda hurt. lol.
4. fernie is a busy girl. she always put herself in lots of activities. haha. but well, she still can cope very well in her studies. i wonder how she does it. oh oh. and she can considered as quite a good listener? lol.
5. last but not least, my cute little sister, jocelyn. li zhe likes her lots as her voice is so sweet and adorable. well, just like me but li zhe always refuses to accept the fact. HAHA

the funniest photos in 2009

he camwhored the first time

never fail to laugh

artistic huh?



sorry, joo

another fast recap:
1. li zhe had never camwhored before. so, that was the first time he camwhored in the library. well, considered 'not bad' larh. LOL
2. that was taken on the white valentine day, which was quite a meaningful day to him, i guess.
3. oh oh. hey, li zhe, remember the genting glass? ho ho
4. i gave li zhe the opportunity to camwhore using my handphone and that was the result. hmm?
5. not to forget, wong li zhe went to the mamak to have roti canai in this attire during the midnight. HAHA
6. joo, not that i betrayed you or anything but i just couldnt find anotehr picture which is funnier than yours. oops. haha

p.s. li zhe is a funny person. HAHA. i cant deny this. he's a great friend of mine too. although sometimes i did stuff that provoke him, he still treat me as usual. joo is also a great friend too. he is cute when he act gay. -.- HAHA! i am glad to have both of you as my good friends. ;)

chyn gu zhai
, 1:45 PM
chyn gu zhai? what does it mean? oh well, it's for me to know but not for you to know. haha. only people who are close to me will know it.

whenever someone call me chyn gu zhai, i recall of my grandma.

i miss her.


p.s. chyn gu zhai~

corine lui lui
Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 1:46 AM
corine lui lui, happy sweet 18th birthday!!! ;D

let's recall, lui lui.

how did i know you yea? well, we knew each other through the stact club 19th rural service. your first impression to me is you're a smart girl. but afterall, after the proper communication and time of spending, although not much, only i realized that you're a very blur girl with a kind hearted. not to say that you're not smart. you cant be denied to be intelligent in your academic. but you are quite a clumsy girl. haha! which makes you a very pure hearted and adorable girl.

oh yeah! and i like the way you call me 'mommy'. HAHA! although it doesnt sound right, you made it sounds nice and pleasant to be heard. lol.

okay. then how i became your mommy and you became the daughter of mine. the source of it was really random. i still remember the incident. my friends and i went to the level 2 to collect our aup results. there was the place we met again after the 19th rural service. the RS was tiring wei, but it was fun. although mommy knows mommy didnt really help up in anything as the main duty of the whole service that mommy did was sleep. as a result, mommy got nominated as the sleeping beauty ryte? haih. that was such a disgrace. haha.

let's get back to the topic.

oh oh. then when you saw me, you just called me 'mommy'. i think that was how it came? lol.

it's the fate that we know each other. lui lui is currently studying a level but i'm in aup. she's majoring medicine field. so, i wish lui lui all the best in your studies. i wanna see lui lui becoming a doctor yeah! haha.

p.s. lui lui, sorry that mommy didnt buy any present for your 18th birthday. so, this blog post will be a simple present for you. and mommy owe you ONE present yeah. dun be greedy lorh. haha. and another thing, not to forget about it, corine has a big apetite. i wonder should i sell her off. HAHA.


Monday, July 20, 2009, 5:44 PM
eff that saloon! cut till my hair till so short. i had measured my hair. WTF!? shorter than 5 cm.

-_- rediculous huh? but it's true!

F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f F f ~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009, 2:24 AM
lizhe: hey, what's kawaii?
chynwoei: why?
lizhe: oh, no la, the amanda's pm ma.
chynwoei: oh. it means cute la.
lizhe: huh? got such word in dictionary meh?
chynwoei: li zhe, can i laugh? -.-
lizhe: what?!
chynwoei: it's in japanese la! LOL! i shall tell side parting tmr.
lizhe: ma de! you dun so diao can or not?
chynwoei: i go and blog about this now. HAHA
lizhe: damn! always embarrass myself in front of you. oh. blog? faster. i wanna read! x)

p.s. it's 2.30 am now and wong li zhe, i still cant stop laughing about the reversi and the 'kawaii'! HAHA.

cheo the 'chi'
Monday, July 13, 2009, 10:54 AM
currently, i'm being in the aup office of icsj, using the computer supplied by icsj.

cadence cheo is sitting beside me. she's viewing my blog. -_- which is not a pleasure thing to talk about.

well, let me have a little comment on cadence cheo. she's a naughty girl, a very mischievious girl. haha! she is having my handphone! ish! i just want a picture of her to post it here so that readers will know who is cadence cheo. but she refused to do so and took away my phone.

she will pay for it. wahaha! ngek ngek ngek!

oh yeah. wong li zhe, are you interested in cadence cheo? :P

cadence being emo here. haha

and now the photo-shy-ness of hers. LOL

eternal snow
Friday, July 10, 2009, 10:36 PM
let's blog now as i kept having a deep feeling recently. i dunno why but once i listen the song 'eternal snow', it gave me a damn! emotions spilt out from the blood of vessels of hearts.

well, first and foremost, recent activities or happening or events or incident. haha.

joo came over to my house to stay overnight as we planned to study physics. however, we failed. not that we talked lots, not that we played lots, but we slept. haha. the funny thing is i was sleeping on the left side and joo was on the right side of the bed. the next morning, both of us were in different side dy. this made me feel so weird as i dun remember that there is any turning or rolling process going on that night, same goes for joo. lol.

i just had physics test 2 on thursday. i slept at 8pm and woke up around 12.30pm. i couldnt find my hp after that. i called my phone but still couldnt find it as the phone was in silent mode if i'm not mistaken. oh well, then, i went out for supper with parents. came home and wanted to study. but, i studied for 30 minutes and i slept till the next morning. damn! didnt even finsih studying half a chapter. memorise the formulas like hell in chemistry class that day. then, sat for the test. got the results which was like half of it only. actually, i was quite satisfied. well, as i didnt attend class frequently and i only studied that morning by memorising formulas. haha. but regretted either.

finally, today which is today. haha. i went sunway with xiao tian, li zhe and sherlyn. well, we ate and took photos and arcade race and buy present. we did all these things in an hour. lol. well, kinda rushed either. i reached home and didnt take lunch but had a can of carlsberg. i just felt like drinking that time. lol. around 3pm, i felt so sleepy and wanted to sleep. well, cannot procrastinate anymore. i took the car keys and drove the crv out to the basketball court. i finally found my tactic of shooting, maybe, i mean. haha.

now is only the main point of the blog.

eternal snow. it is a japanese song which is also the theme song of full moon wo sagashite. i intro this songs to some of my friends. to be actual, it was only 2 friends. (you know who you are) well, they think it is a nice song too after listening to it. but, actually, do they understand the real definition of eternal snow? do they have the deep feeling after listening to this song? do they appreciate this song? is this song being their favourite song? haha. i have no idea. but, in my point of view, eternal snow is very meaningful to me. why? dun ask me why. ask the song or the pathway i get to know this song. i just have no idea to describe the feeling. it just made me feel down when i listen to this song. well, i cannot deny that this song is very very very totally meaningful to me. i think i listen to it at least once everyday. haha. i just wont feel bored listening to it. eternal snow. not everything is eternal. somehow, i hope that some stuffs can be ever long after just like eternal snow.

p.s. eternal snow

shock shooooock and shoooooooooock
Sunday, July 5, 2009, 10:29 PM


incredible huh?

, 11:39 AM
let me summarize what had happened during these few days.

as mentioned in the previous post, i had been skipping classes previously. oh well, parents did not scold but just nag and advised. they said i am big enough to think and it wasnt worthy if they scold and i still remain the same. oh. but mom scolded me cause i took a nap more than 4 hours that day. haha. she said i shouldnt procrastinate anymore. lol. maybe?

on the saturday evening, i went to klpac, which is known as kuala lumpur performing art centre to attend the help inter-college latin dance competition 'Jom! Baile Latino'. at first, i thought it was kuala lumpur pacific hotel. -_- pai seh hor? haha. luckily instinct told me that i was wrong. suppose to drive there, but i dunno the way and so dad drove me there. amanda called me the first time and i didnt pick up. even her first sms, i didnt reply too. cause i slept in the car. hanging huh? haha. well, picked up amanda's second call and told her that i'm reaching soon.

to be noted: this amanda is ONG but not QUAH or OOI yeah. haha.

once i got down from the car, i rang amanda. but i still couldnt find her. then i saw mr william and got in the klpac with him. finally, i saw amanda. she was in pink.

amanda: oi! i thought you are wearing pink?
me: LOL! hey, pls la. i dun have pink shirt.
amanda: then why you say that you wanna wear pink.
me: cause you say that you're wearing pink ma. then i cheat you la. if i wear pink and i am so skinny dy, very gay leh. haha.
amanda: -_- *pinch and whack* (she's violent ;P)

we had a drink and then we got into the hall 2. well, in between the time of having drinks and getting into the hall, i realize that amanda is quite a blur person. haha. shhh. what is mentioned here remains here yea. but not to be mentioned what happened. lol.

we found seats and we sat. first was the beginner dancers and then next was the advance one. well, make this short. zjen thak won the 2nd-runner up in the advance group. congrats to him wei! he is really good in dancing.

well, throughout the process, amanda was being evil. -_- actually, i should admit that i am part of the evilness too. haha. we were teasing a fat girl while she was dancing. we say that she dun have bodyline and she danced so clumsily.

me: that guy surely feel very exhausted, dancing with that girl.
amanda: yoh. so bad. he's lucky that he didnt break his hand.
me: =o="
amanda: what?! HAHA!

oh oh. amanda told me that she brings along her camera with her all the time. wth wei! well, i think it is more convenient for her to camwhore at anytime and at anywhere and with anyone? haha. before and after the show, we did camwhore. but i just took one and she took quite a few. LOL!

end of story.

photo of the day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009, 9:46 PM
today is the most horrible day that i had. gosh.

damn it! stupid eff-ing calculus II test II. well, i am a lazy person who dun do calculus exercise at all. never!!! not at all!!! i think from the beginning of semester 2 till now, i only did less than 50 questions of calculus. so, well, you guys do know the consequences that i am facing currently, ryte? cant deny that calculus can ONLY be scored by doing exercises and exercises and EXERCISES!

here goes the synopsis of my calculus II test II answering journey. the first question that i saw, WOW. seem easy. let's begin. 'chee chak chee chak chee chak' (busy jotting down the answer) and then 'ting' (stopped) oops! stucked! WTF!?! nvm, skipped to the next question. the above actions were applied to that question too and the following questions.

i was being so freaking exhausted last night. i started studying calculus II for not more than 15 minutes and i went to bed to have a nap. i set my phone alarm and my alarm clock, however, it failed. i slept at 10pm till the next morning, which is this morning. -.-

to be honest, i got confidence to get 2 marks in this calculus II test II. the most i can get is only 10/50. die hard ryte? damn damn damn swear swear swear!

oh oh. previously, i had been skipping lots of classes. my parents were being informed about that. i explained to them and they advised me. millions and billions of wise words from their mouth and heart which made me a better person. well, i felt relief after telling them about my obstacles.

last but not least, my back is aching. it's been long ages that i had not been exercising. haiz. should start exercising next week. hopefully my back will be getting better.

oh oh! and one last thing, this saturday, i got 2 replacement classes. damn it wei! wtf? physics and calculus. after these 2 classes, i have to rush to KLPac which i dunno where is it to watch latin dance competition. ho ho! lucky to get the ticket as there are only 2 left. well, i will be going with my latin teacher, mr william and the quite blur and little-girl-alike amanda. but, the problem is ....


to be continued

lesson of the day: we should have the courage to face the problems in our lives.