coming soon
Thursday, February 11, 2010, 12:10 AM
i will be updating:
-2010 new year celebration
-sister's sweet 16th birthday
-visitation to gua musang, kelantan
-more more more

stay tune

sherlyn pang ting huan
Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 11:34 PM
sherlyn pang ting huan.

i have not met her for ages. although 3 months, i miss her a lot! let's recall.

on the first day of college, it was orientation day. standing in front of me, it was a girl in mini skirt, having long fair legs and heavy makeup. she attracted me. she's tall and skinny.

she gave me the first impession of the cool look. i love that as i love to be cool too. not really, but i'm being claimed for having the cool look. haha. so, i knew her through my friend as she was in his class for enl 101.

as time passed, she hung out with me all the time. breakfast, lunch, break or anytime duing college hours, we were always together. i really do miss those times. there were so many that we had undergone together.

carrying her likea baby in mac D while she was holding 2 sundae ice cream, took off her shoe and placed it on the tray of mac D, tickle her feet, carried and landed her on a plant, smack her always, made her broke down by closing her up in a dark room, chasing each other in sunway pyramid and many more.

there are too numerous for me to elaborate. although we just met up for 9 months, we had underdgone a lot. i bullied her a lot, but i guess she enjoyed too? we're really jokers for having laughters all the time.

sherlyn pang ting huan, can you hear me? i miss you! you better come to kl and visit me! or elsei'll treat you banna! haha.

i editted 2 pictres for her as she requested.

she claimed that it's too bright but i couldnt help much

she likes this lots, so do i, and thus it is her profile picture currently

do take care, lyn lyn.

p.s. we have our theme song, the song of banana and cherry: 'you spin me head right round right round,like a record baby right round round round'

one step down
Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 4:50 PM
readers, i'm really sorry that i have not been updating my blog lately. recently, i have been really busy. college life is just hustle and bustle.

i'll update my blog asap once i'm done with the tests which are just around the corner.

i just needa express myself through this post, but not much. i'll elaborate more next time.

couldnt get out from my head,
as it's embraced to every nerves of the brain,
reminisce the past,
recalled that i learnt numerous,
being taught to handle every matter with a sincere heart,
being taught not to give up easily,
being taught to be ternacious,
being taught tons and tons,
i just couldnt forget,
still deeply in my heart,
it exists.

i'll be back.

one before ending
Thursday, December 31, 2009, 11:35 PM
i'm back, finally.

i decided to update one last post before the year of 2009 ends.

alright. basically, nothing much to blog about. i went to college for next semester's enrolment with joo sing. then, i met up with rhae yaenn. we had brunch at the face to face. it was fun chit chatting with piglet as she always provides me interesting and humorous topics. she's still my insane awesome piglet. lol.

before we broke apart, we took some pictures. no. i just took one but she took four. haha! four different expression of mine in the four pictures. you can get them from my facebook profile. :)

picture of the last day

piglet, you should feel honoured. :)

anyway, happy new year! it's 2010! :D

picture of the blog
Sunday, December 6, 2009, 1:28 AM
goodbye & 'll be back

upcoming events
, 1:16 AM
1. pack my messy room (in a week time)
2. dance practice and cheong k session with mg (11th december 2009)
3. one dodge ball game before leaving for community service (12th or 14th december 2009)
4. yam cha session with jane to celebrate her 26th birthday (8th - 14th december 2009)
5. steamboat session with stact club members (14 december 2009)
6. mca talk & preparation for community service (12-16 december 2009)
7. taiwanese spicy sausage challenge with yee hanc(12-16 december 2009)
8. community service in kelantan (17th - 23rd december 2009)
9. visit charles kai yeh in mentakab, pahang (after community service)
10. mg trip to malacca and pd (christmas or christmas eve)

3 days 2 nights trip
Saturday, December 5, 2009, 6:28 PM
on the 27th november 2009 to 29th november 2009, stact club 20th community service motivation group organised a 3 days 2 nights trip. corine and michelle couldnt join us for the trip. ben, the ex-mg member and yong lee the treasurer participated in this trip too.

first day trip: penang

we went to visit fernie as she will be leaving to usa soon. in addition, she's the stact club 19th community service motivation group assistant leader. so, that was our last meet with her. we had tete-a-tete at her house and then we left for exploration around penang for good food.

in the car of ah cai and taken by jeff (lol at ben)

we reached a temple and it was a gigantic one. i forgot the name of the temple. readers, do forgive and forget. (:

a group photo in the temple

yi xin & i

another group picture of us

the gay couple

the males and the deers

the female and the deers

i was so pitiful that moment

ben hit the gong

the gentlemen

the ladies

lmao at ben

the magnificent buddha

the kids of buddha

the youngest

the majorities

the oldest

group picture in front of the mini temple

another group picture on the land of the lake

after the visitation to the temple, each and every one of us was so famished and hungry. we had asam laksa and ice kacang to satisfy our tummy. (:

the scrumptious asam laksa

the sweet ice kacang

jeff was the waiter of the day. LOL

a picture of the eating session

cute picture of ah cai

one group photo

another one again

then, we headed to buy toto as ah cai got a 4-digits-number from the temple previously. haha! as the newbies, we bought it for our very first time. however, we did not hit the jackpot or anything. maybe life is not that lucky. haha.

the 4 newbies buying toto for the first time

then, we had our lunch. i forgot the name of the place. sorry for having such poor memory. haha. the only thing i remember about the lunch session was my pants got wet. my glass of drink splashed onto my jeans. that was really embarrassing. lmao.

lunch time

later on, we went to batu feringgi. the scenery there was quite picturesque. it's been ages for me not approaching the beach. i fond of beach very much. haha! i like the land and sea breeze. one word to describe the nature of mother earth, fabulous. (:

ah cai's short middle finger

a gross picture

i quote: i'm the pig of the world

i like this picture, personally

picture captured when i got sodomized by cai

the lovely couple

a group photo taken by ben

all in with the sunset

after strolling and fooling at the batu feringgi, we headed to the gurney plaza. yong lee wanted to buy himself a pair of slippers. meanwhile, he and fernie went to buy a birthday cake for chai yee. it was her 21st birthday on that day. 21st birthday is quite important in life.

this picture was taken by yi xin

while we were having our dinner, we celebrated chai yee's birthday. happy sweet 21st birthday, chloe ning chai yee!

she's 21

a picture with the birthday girl

a group picture of us

during the night, we took ferry to fill up our free time.

the lovey dovey

scandal caught in action between chai yee and me?

chai yee, jeff, me, yi xin

my legs were suffering that moment

a group photo on the ferry

we slept at fernie's house at the end of the day.

second day trip: bukit merah water world, perak

early morning, we had dim sum with fernie's mother and sister. thanks a thousand to her mom for paying the bill for the dim sum and sorry for causing so much troubles to the them by staying overnight at their house. once again, thank you, auntie.

after the dim sum breakfast, we broke up with fernie's family and rushed all the way to bukit merah in perak. after checking in the apartment, we changed into the appropriate attires and we headed to the water world.

a group picture before the journey started

we pee to the max

hairy drumsticks by jeff

awaiting for the fall of water

the best water sofa

under the mini waterfall

we had water war too. i mean just for the males. king, jeff and ah cai in a group while ben, yong lee and i in another group. it was a 3 on 3 water war. it was awesome although it hurt. we were jumping and hoping on the big balloon in order to kick the opponent down from the top. jeff was the most pitiful one. as he didnt manage to reach the top for once. LOL! sorry for being so evil to you, jeff. i was the culprit actually. hahaha!

these 3 people acted like monkeys while the other of us went to get the floats for them. lmao at the pictures below.

monkey chai yee

monkey yi xin

monkey ben

then, king suggested us to play another water game. i had no idea what's the name of the game. i just know the pathway was a V shape and the degree of the inclined plane was seriously terrifying. below are some pictures of our funny expression. lmao.


yi xin



chai yee

yong lee did play too. he felt dizzy and walked like a tipsy person after that. haha. so, he rested in the water while the other three of us accompanied him.

ben, me, yi xin, yong lee

we played another sliding water game. i did not post the pictures here as the quality of the pictures would be really bad in blog if i post them up. so, readers, you can view them via my profile in facebook. in order to play this game, we were instructed to take off our clothes. there shouldnt be button on the pants too. ben was forced to pull off the one and only button of his pants. LOL.

the naked dudes

after that, we had chilling session by resting on the floats. pictures time!

camwhore session

group photo

yi xin & i

king was grabbing his balls

stupid yi xin hurt my hand

we succeeded :D

the culprits: jeff, cai, yi xin

kawaii ah cai

we stopped playing after that as the rain visited us. we're so unlucky. unfortunately, we had to stop playing in the water. the rain was really heavy and it was so windy that all of us were shivering. our hands were trembling too. ah cai, ben and i were suffering as our clothes were given to the others to obtain more warmth. lmao.

it was freezing cold

last day of trip: bukit merah, perak

we had our breakfast at the food court in the bukit merah. the food was seriously terrible and horrible. maybe the claypot mee was not bad. same goes to the abc. haha. after breakfast, we hung around at the arcade machines. we played some shooting games.

at the entrance of bukit merah waterworld

ben & i

my masterpiece (:

yi xin, felicia, me, chai yee

king & chai yee

king & yi xin

we're the drivers

felicia playing 'pool'

after that, we broke up and went home. ben, yi xin and i followed ah cai's car back to subang while the others followed king's car back to his hometown in perak.

yi xin & i in the car

after reaching subang, while waiting for the arrival of my dad, i talked to ben at the mac D. he is such a nice guy. he was my good partner for the camp opening and closing ceremony. however, he could not make it for the community service as he gotta work during that period. haih.

this 3 days 2 nights tripthe really enhanced the relationships among each and everyone of us. so, motivation group, we should organise more group trips to strengthen the friendship of ours. saying of the group, 'once in the group, forever work out as a group'.

picture of the trip